Chapter 5: How?!

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Agent 3 (Sarah's) P.O.V

"25 Splats!" My jaw dropped slightly. I looked over at Mike, who had a blank expression on his face. "How did you do that?!" I asked him. He shrugged at my question, "I don't know." I couldn't believe this. The most splats I've gotten in Turf War were 10 or 11, but 25? In Turf War? While also getting the most Turf covered? That's just straight up impressive.

After thinking about this, I looked over at Mike, who seemed to be surrounded by the opposing team and our other two teammates. I could here them all complimenting him and asking for his friend code. And to be honest he seems overwhelmed. I giggled at myself seeing him all nervous and looking around frantically in a panic.

I walked in between the small crowd into the center of where Mike was. Putting my hand on his shoulder, I told the group that he he's new and currently doesn't have a friend code.

After leaving the area, I asked Mike how he did it again and what did he think of it. "I don't know," he said. "I could've done better, I'm a bit rusty." He chuckled. He...he could've done better? How...? My mind was still amazed by his feat. I haven't heard any inkling getting that many splats in Turf War that wasn't boosting. He got them fair and square. For an Octoling who's new here, he sure is impressive. If he continues like this, he might go up the ranks in both skill and popularity. He'll definitely surpass me soon.

I won't stop him from doing so, but I'm not letting him do it so easily. But that's just my competitive side talking. Even if we have been hanging out for like 3 hours, he seems pretty cool.

I feel bad for him. The way he's been treated by other inklings. Calling him stuff and telling him to go back to the Octarian Army. I don't care if he's an Octoling or not. I'm just glad he was able to escape.

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