Chapter 13: Back Home And Comfortable

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Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

It started to get dark out, and the city lights began to illuminate the dark sky. Sarah and I had said goodbye to Jake and Isabel, and we walked back to Sarah's home.

We walked along the streets, still filled with inklings coming from every way, and plenty of other restaurants and stores open. It was starting to get chilly as a soft breeze came by. Sarah, right next to me, shuttered from the sudden goosebumps. "I-It's gotten kinda cold, don't you think?" She looked at me with an adorable smile. I chuckled as I shivered as well, "Yea it sure is. Too bad we didn't bring a jacket or something." Sarah's smile widened as she looked at me.

We continued to make our way back home, before passing a convenience store. Sarah gasped excitedly, "You know what we should have?" I gave her a curious look, adjusting my hand holding the shopping bags she had got. "A movie night!"

Her eyes seem to sparkle, even in the dark, as she got excited over her plan. I could feel myself uncontrollable smile widening. How was I supposed to not smile when she looks so adorable?

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

As I suggested the idea of a movie night, his crimson red eyes seemed to shine as his smile widened. "We could lay on the couch, have a blanket, get some snacks here and stay up late!" I jumped excitedly, throwing out ideas at him.

He nodded along, clearly happy with the idea in his head, and closed his eyes. "That sounds great Sarah."

We walked into the convenience store. walking down the separate aisles , looking at what chips, candy and drinks we want. We took about four Squidorade's, a big bag of Doritos, and a bag of Sour Patch Squids. Mike and I walked up to the jelly running the store, and paid for our snacks.

"Here. Let me pay," Mike told me as he handed the cashier his money.

Quickly, I put his hand down, and told him that I'd pay. "Sarah I insist, really." He whispered softly in a sweet voice. My blush came back, and I ended up letting him pay. "A-Alright.." I nodded, a bit flustered.

Grabbing our bags of snacks and drinks, we walked out alongside each other. "Thanks Mike, for paying." I smiled at him. He looked at me in the eyes, my heart skipping a beat, and nodded slowly happily. "It's no problem Sarah. After all," he continued. "I could never repay you for everything you've done for me. Giving me a place to stay, helping me get on my feet, and even giving me your friendship." At this point, he looked down, his face reminiscent of all the things I've done for him. Mike let out a content sigh, and looked back at me. "I'll never be able to repay the kindness you've shown me."

I felt my eyes widen, and even feel myself falling even more in love with him. We stared at each other's eyes for a couple of seconds, his eyes shining under the moonlight. I stared deep into his, before realizing that I was getting lost in his pupils.

I caught myself, coughed nervously and looked away bewildered. Mike did the same. "Why are my feelings for him getting stronger all of a sudden..?"

"L-Let's head home.." Mike whispered, clearly just as embarrassed as I was.

"R-Right." I responded.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

Look, I don't know what that was about. It certainly was a rush, and my face got really, REALLY hot. Though I felt the same strong emotions that Jake had defined as "love" and the rush was exciting. I've never experienced love, and well, it wasn't common at all as an Octarian.

We headed back to her house (or our house? I'm not exactly sure), and placed the bags on the living room table as we entered. "Hey Mike, I'm going into the bathroom real quick." She let me know as she headed in the direction of the bathroom. I nodded and began to organize the snacks on the table, brought out two heavy and warm blankets, turned on the tv and the lights off.  Sitting on the big couch, blanket around me, I began to open my bag of chips. I grabbed the controller, and began searching through Netflix in an effort to find a good movie. 

Though I ended up staring at a blank screen. All that I could picture was Sarah's beautiful face and body, her sweet and adorable smile, her pretty green eyes, the way she talks to me, everything about her. I small grin began to emerge on my face. "She's perfect.." The thought suddenly came into my head, though I did nothing to stop it. Thoughts continued to flow into my head about her, and I stared blankly into the tv (that wasn't playing anything specifically).

"Hey Mike?" Sarah waved her hand in front of my eyes, snapping me out of my daydream.

I jumped up, a bit shocked from the sudden gestured and nervously reassured her. She giggled and sat down next to me, and instead of using the blanket I had got for her, she got under mine. Sarah grabbed the other one and threw it on top of first blanket and gave a content sigh as she reached over for the snacks. I didn't know if she did that on purpose or didn't realize that was for her, but either way, I wasn't complaining.

The rest of the night went great. We ate our snacks and drank our drinks, took more time than we should've to choose a movie to watch, laughed and made stupid funny comments about the movie that had us laughing. Not to mention, enjoying each other's company and presence.

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

After bringing Mike back from his daydream, I had sat down next to him and covered myself up with the same blanket he was using. Throwing the second over myself. In my head, I already knew that I was going to have a good time with him by my side. And I was right, we were laughing all night long and having a great time together. I could literally feel our bond getting stronger, and I loved it. I love him.

Though I'm still not sure if I should spill my feelings for him.

It was starting to get late, about 1 or 2 in the morning, and I was starting to get sleepy. I took a quick glance at Mike to see if he was tired. To my surprise, his eyes weren't even dropping at all. At this point, my pillow had got uncomfortable, so I had the sudden courage to rest my head on his shoulder.

It was comfortable, I was able to feel his muscle underneath his shirt, and I was very happy and comfortable. The scent of his shirt, the way his body feels against mine, it feels like I'm in squid heaven... I took another quick glance at him to see his reaction, and he seemed utterly red, even in the darkness.

"I-Is this ok..?" I nervously whispered, lifting my head up also turning red. He hesitated for a moment, but gave me a bright smile. "Yea of course, Sarah." He responded, also whispering. I laughed, and returned my head into a resting position on his shoulder.

My eyes were starting to close on their own, feeling like they're getting heavier and heavier. I shifted in my blanket in hope that it would wake me up a bit, but I failed to stay awake. My eyes closed slowly, a smile still on my face (which was still hot), and drifted off to sleep.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

The movie was still blaring on the tv screen, and was providing the only light in the living room. I was really comfortable, watching the movie, eating my chips and having Sarah resting on me. I looked over at her, who was already in a deep sleep. "She looks so cute sleeping..." I thought to myself, my ears dropping down a bit. I stared at her for a moment, watching her snuggle up against my shoulder with a faint smile. My heart warmed up, feeling her head brush against me.

I know I'm in love with her.

She makes me feel all these feelings that I've never felt before. And they seem to get stronger everyday. Moments like these, are my favorite. Thinking, seeing, talking or even being with her makes my day so much better. If I had a tough day from all the prejudice from other inklings, seeing her would automatically make me feel so much better. Sarah is the only one that truly makes me feel worth something, important, meaningful. How am I supposed to not love her?

I smiled tiredly, reached for the control (without moving too much) and turned the tv off. I was too tired to even move and really comfortable, so I closed my eyes and rested my head on top of Sarah's.

Never in my life have I ever slept so quickly and comfortably.

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