Chapter 6: Home Situation

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Agent 8 (Mike's) P.O.V

It was soon getting dark out and a lot of inklings were leaving Inkopolis Square. There were only like, five other inklings, besides me and Sarah, still there sitting down, relaxing. I was kind of worried. I didn't have a place to stay. I'll probably just sleep on a bench outside or something.

"Hey Mike, lets go." Sarah said to me. I was a bit confused. Where could we possibly go now? "Hey, uh Sarah? Where are we going now?" I asked politely. She turned around to look at me with a confused expression. "Home. Or are you staying somewhere else?" She asked. I shook my head. I really have appreciated everything she had done for me today. "B-but where will I stay?" I asked her out of curiosity. "I have an extra room full of junk. If you want, you can help me clean it out tomorrow morning and you can stay there. But for tonight you can sleep on the couch." I felt my face getting a bit hot. Why was she so kind to me? Not that I'm complaining of course.

It was more of a 10 minute walk to her place. It was two floors from what I can tell. Maybe she owned the entire house. "Yes, this is my place." She giggled after she noticed that I was staring at the house. She took her keys out of her jean pocket and proceeded to open the front door. Walking in, the living room was to the left, the kitchen was up ahead with a small dining room to the right. There were a set of stairs all the way to the left of the living room that I believe lead to the rooms. Everything was so neat and organized. 

"Hey? You hungry?" Sarah asked. I looked over at her and nodded. "If you don't mind." I responded. She walked over to the kitchen before asking if leftover pizza was fine. She put two slices in the microwave and leaned against the kitchen counter while looking at her phone. I...well, I was just standing at the entrance. Sarah looked up from her phone and smiled. "Mike, just make yourself at home. No need to just stand there." My face got a bit hot, but I decided to sit down on the couch for a bit and rest. I was tired, and still taking everything about Inkopolis in.

I should be happy. I made it to the surface. But...why do I feel so alone? It seems as if no one likes me here. Everyone except Sarah. But, maybe she's just doing this out of generosity.

As I was sitting there, Sarah walked over and handed me a plate with a warm pizza on it. "S-should I eat it in the dining room?" I asked her. "I don't really care where you eat it," she responded, sitting right next to me. "Just, don't make a big mess okay?"

That night we just watched a bunch of shows and movies, we talked to get to know each other better and got comfortable. Turns out, Sarah and I have a lot in common. We like the same movies, ranked match modes and video games. 

When we were watching a movie, I couldn't help but yawn a lot. I was getting really tired now and it seemed that Sarah was too. She had stretched herself on the other sofa and seemed to be falling asleep too. "Hey Sarah, you tired?" I asked her, yawning afterwards. She gave a small nod and turned to look at me. "What about you?" Sarah asked me back. I gave a small nod back as a response. "I guess I'll go look for an extra blanket and pillow for you..." She moaned tiredly, slowly getting up from the sofa. After a few minutes, she came back and handed me a pillow and blanket. "Thanks Sarah." "No problem, if you need anything just let me know." She smiled, a small blush appearing on her face. 

I settled in after I set everything up and relaxed. "Alright then, goodnight Mike." Sarah said. "Night Sarah." I responded tiredly. She walked away and made her way to the stairs. "Hey Sarah? Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it." I said, turning and looking at her. A blush had appeared on her face. "Y-you're welcome, Mike." She responded nervously. 

After she left, my eyelids got heavy and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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