Chapter 22: Errors

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December 24th & 25th (Basically summarized)

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I didn't arrive home until the afternoon of the 23rd.



It was the day before Squidmas, and I was really excited.

Our family isn't actually rich, well we don't exactly consider ourselves rich. We just own a big house.

It's a two floor house, including a huge attic and basement. Upon entering you see the huge living room, with couches, a plasma tv, a fireplace and our Squidmas tree. To the right is a dining room that has a long table that can seat up to 14 inklings. We have a kitchen that has a huge stove and oven, a microwave, lots of cabinets and an additional 4 seats in front of the sink in the middle. And there's even a mini bar for adults, where at least 6 can sit on.

The second floor is where the majority of the rooms are, including mine. The cool part is that there's a mini living room there with a table in the middle, a couch and a tv.

I missed this place, and I couldn't wait until later today.

I had said hi to my parents and gave them a huge hug after not seeing them for a long time and headed upstairs to leave my luggage in my old room. I didn't unpack or anything, I just dropped it off. My phone wasn't in my pocket for some odd reason and I haven't heard it vibrate or anything. "It's probably in my luggage. I'll check after this ends." I told myself.

For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, I helped my parents cook and set up the house for the party we were having later tonight. After all, the entire family was coming over.

And of course, the party was so much fun. It was nice to see all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. The house was filled with noise, adults chattering, little kids running around and yelling, and a Turf War championships going on in the living room tv. My cousins and I that are around the same age, claimed the upstairs living room where we stayed and played games, video games and just talked through the night. Oh and ate of course. I couldn't stop smiling, I can't believe how much I've missed this.


The party didn't end until around 4 or 5 in the morning on Squidmas day. We had all opened our gifts prior to it ending, and everyone had left. From the upstairs balcony looking upon the living room and kitchen in view, it was a whole mess. Though it was the most fun I've had in the longest time.

I was so exhausted, I passed out on the bed almost immediately when my head hit the pillow.


I didn't wake up until 3 in the afternoon that same day. Even though I slept for about 10 hours, I didn't feel very rested. Groggily, I got up and made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. It was refreshing, and it woke me up a bit. I changed my attire, and helped my mom and dad clean up the house. It took awhile, about 3 hours and I continued to rest up in the living room, my parents going to sleep some more.

I flickered through the tv channels, trying to find something interesting to watch but couldn't. I spent a lot of time watching tv, it was already almost 9.

That's when it hit me:


My eyes widened and I felt my body feel cold all around me. I threw the control to the side of me and jumped up. Running up the stairs to my room, my face burnt up.

"God, I'm the worst girlfriend! How could I have forgotten about him?!?"

I threw the door open from my room, which caused the door to slam upon hitting the wall. Running over to my luggage, I unzipped it and went through the pockets where my phone could've been, and eventually found it.

"Damn it. It's dead." I whispered angrily at myself.

I plugged the phone in to charge, and I simply sat down on my bed silently, cross-legged, and thinking.

"First I ruined his first Squidmas, then I left him alone in Inkopolis, and now I haven't responded for three days!"

I felt my tears burning up in my eyes as my face got hotter and hotter. I clenched my fists on my thighs, watching a couple of tears land on them.

My phone finally turned on after what felt like an eternity, and it felt like my heart broke even more seeing all of the messages and calls he had given me in the past three days.

I broke down out of how bad I felt seeing all of his "I love you", "I miss you", "Baby", "Come back", "Is everything ok?", "Text me back when you can", "Have fun" messages. Not to mention all of the numerous calls he tried to give me. I bit my lip and clenched my eyes shut trying to stop myself from breaking down even more. My heart hurt so much. How could I have been so stupid?

Panicking and worrying, I texted and called him for minutes. I didn't get a single response.

"Mike..I'm so sorry...please respond..!"

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

I'm sooo stupid. I forgot to put my phone to charge and now my phone is dead so early into today's afternoon shift.

I rested my head against a wall behind me and looked up at the darkening sky. Very faintly, music from Inkopolis can be heard. Breathing in and out, I acknowledged the fact that I'm alone. Though it doesn't mean I'll ever get used to it. This feeling is horrible and it's eating me up inside. How I longed to have an interaction with someone I truly care and love.

But here I am, sitting alone, at HQ, with no one around me, a dead phone, and on Squidmas.

Justttt great.

A sarcastic smirk appeared and I began to chuckle softly to myself. "How ironic.." I said as I covered my face with one hand, my elbows resting just above my knee. My hand moved downwards, wiping my face.

"How on a holiday that is meant to be spent with family and friends, I'm sitting here all by myself."

My thought lingered in my head for awhile after I had stopped laughing to and about myself.

Sighing, and laying down on the bench, I stared into the stars.

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