Chapter 25: Apologies and Forgiveness [Part 3 of 3]

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Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

"Like What?" Mike asked curiously as to what I meant. Now that I think about it, I didn't give it a deeper thought as to what I would do in the first place.

I sat there on the couch for a moment, his question lingering in the air for a bit. One of my fingers resting on my bottom lip as I thought about the different things that I could do to make up for this seemingly unforgivable act. He gave me a puzzled look equivalent to mine, which was just downright adorable.

Seconds passed by as my brain racked up any ideas that I could think of.

"Maybe I could cook his favorite meal? Take him out somewhere? Do what he likes all day? Cuddle up and be by his side all day..?"

All of those ideas sounded great, until an idea popped into my head. It was way better, and it's something we've never done maybe he might enjoy it..? The other ideas could wait. We can always do the other things later. Though what I was thinking of only made my face burn up and turn as red as a tomato with a cheery yet nervous smile.

"H-Hey, is everything alright..?" Mike asked, clearly confused.

Knocking me out of my thoughts, I nodded a bit too quickly, completely flustered by the idea in my head. "Y-Yea! I'm just fine!" Scratching the back of my head and closing my eyes, I continued. "I was just thinking that maybe we could do something a bit..different.." I pouted. I could feel my face turning into a brighter shade of red.

"How so..?" Mike continued, seemingly getting his own ideas as well. Though he seemed really relaxed about it all.

"How about I j-just show you." I smiled sheepishly, the tip of my ears now turning red as well.

He raised an eyebrow at me, a small smile still plastered on his face and a light pink blush creeping onto his face. "Go ahead." Mike grinned, making my heart beat faster.

A.N. Surprise! A bit of smut here though I'll try not to overboard.. Skip to the "*" if you're not interested or into this stuff.

My face felt incredibly hot, but I grinned back, and giving him a look he's never seen before on my face. His eyes widened and his jaw subtlety dropping in awe. Not to mention, his blush got brighter and more noticeable. I couldn't help but giggle at the sight.

After a couple of seconds, I stopped and leaned in close to Mike, making sure that our lips made contact. After feeling our lips together, I slowly closed my eyes, as did he. At first, it was just a normal, average kiss like any other, but I gently pushed more into it. I took a peek at his facial expression and noticed that he was surprised but my sudden action, but now a grin was visible on the corner of his mouth. Mike pushed back too, turning the normal kiss into a more passionate one. Our lips collided with one another, as I gently pushed onto his chest with my hand. He complied with my signal, slowly laying down as my body rested on top of his.

My body now laid on top of his, and us still in our enjoyable make out session. Mike eagerly pushed more into, clearly letting me know that he's enjoying it. My eyes opened in surprise from his reaction. Pushing back with equal force, one of my hands traced his back, up his neck, and to the back of his head. Gently scratching the back of his head now. Our breaths got heavier, and I felt like I was enjoying it more and more.

Teasingly, I slipped my hand under his shirt, feeling his toned chest and abs. "Has he always been this strong..?" I thought to myself, as I continued to feel him up. Without realizing it, I intensified the make out with me pushing more into it and my tongue now asking to enter. Not long after, Mike allowed it. His hands traced my body from the sides of my chests to down to my waist where he held firmly. Mike then slipped his hands under my shirt, feeling my lower back. I loved this feeling, being in his grasp and being able to do this with him, it was just amazing.

At this point, our lips were colliding with each other, our breaths were getting heavier, my body was on top of his, and we were getting really hot.

I love this, and I hope he does too...

After all, I am trying to make it up to him.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

So this is what Sarah had in mind.

Of course, I'm not complaining. For whatever reason, I loved the feeling of her body on top of mine, her hands feeling me up, and her lips against mine. It all felt incredible, and considering the fact that it's my first time doing something like this, I'm surprised I'm doing it well. From the looks of it, Sarah's really enjoying it too.


We went on for a couple more minutes before:


Both Sarah and I regrettably broke the kiss, perked up and looked in the direction of the phone, which was on the living room table. "Stupid phone.." I pouted, upset that our session was interrupted. We were both madly blushing as she laughed at my comment. "I guess you really liked it huh babe.." She teased, giving me a playful wink followed by a quick kiss on my lips. "Well yeah...I never knew you'd be so good at this~" I grinned cockily. "I never knew that you'd be so good at this too..." Sarah said as she giggled and slipped her hand out from under my shirt, got off of me, and walked over to the phone that was still vibrating.

I watched her walk over as I sat up on the couch, staring at her innocently as if nothing had just happened. Just admiring her.

"It's my mom calling," Sarah stated before answering.

I stared at her as she continued the call, glancing at me and smiling every once in awhile. These butterflies in my stomach can't seem to calm down. After ending the call, the inkling threw herself on top of me and snuggled up into me. We both lied down, cuddling and not saying a word.

"So, Mike. Did that make it up?~" She whispered in a teasing tone as she nuzzled up into my neck.

"Yea it sure did...but you could've literally just had given me a kiss and I would've been happy.." I responded, chuckling a bit.

"Oh so I shouldn't do this then..?" Sarah peered up at me curiously from my neck.

"T-That's not what I meant and you know that!" I exclaimed nervously, not wanting to ruin any future chances.

"I'm kidding babe, I enjoyed it too..."

Her voice trailed off as she dozed off, snuggling up against me.


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