Chapter 21: Merry Squidmas...

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December 25th

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

You get the drill by this point. The same thing over and over again and personally I feel like I'm losing my mind. I hate being alone, especially without Sarah anywhere near me. She still hasn't responded.

I decided to change things up a bit and go for a peaceful walk.

I didn't have anywhere specific to go to, just going wherever my legs take me. My eye was doing better, but you can still clearly see that it's injured from the punch. Physically (besides my eye), I felt great. But I felt mentally exhausted by doing the same routine these few days.

I looked up after staring at the sidewalk for a couple of minutes and looked outwards in front of me. I was back in Inkopolis Square.

I sighed and threw my hoodie over my head, making it harder for anyone to recognize me. I didn't want anyone to, especially after last night. That would be embarrassing. Plus, I wasn't in the mood for any comments.

I continued to walk as a group of inklings walked past me. One of them recognized who I was, and faked flinched as if I was about to, or threw, a punch. My face burned up as their laughs echoed in my head behind me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I really wanted to confront them, but they're not worth my time. Plus I don't want to risk making myself look even worse than I already do. It's simply not worth it whatsoever.

I was still kind of pissed before my mind drifted to the thought of Sarah. Her smile, her voice, her laugh, her body and face, quickly calmed me down. All of a sudden I was relaxed.

Picking up a coffee after ordering and paying, deciding where to sit and drink, I sat down and looked at my surroundings.

The Splatfest was still going on, and since today was Squidmas, of course there were even more people today. Tonight would be a huge festival even more packed with inklings. I imagined it in my head, how fun it would be if I got to experience it with Sarah.

"What a shame..Sarah isn't here and I still have to go to work.." I thought to myself, taking a brief sip of my coffee.

I examined the inklings and their behavior out of sheer boredom. There were groups of friends, talking and laughing with one another. Couples holding hands and exchanging gifts. Families buying gifts and taking care of the younger inklings running around. It was all so nice to see..

But why was I the only one left out?

"That's right..." I thought to myself. My head replayed the memory of what that inkling said to me yesterday. Octoling scum.

Maybe that's all I'll ever be.

I saddened, my ears drooped and I looked down at my hands that were holding the cup together. My face got hot and I gripped the cup tighter. I was so envious. Why can't I be with my friends to share this experience with? Why can't I have Sarah with me to hug and kiss her and exchange gifts? Why can't I have a family with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. to spend time with?

The thoughts left a bitter taste in my mouth as my jaw tightened, making me get up and throw my cup of coffee out.

"Just be made it to the surface after all..." A little voice in my head whispered. My eyes burned up again but I held back the tears that were wanting to come out.

I'm happy that I'm here, but I still feel so alone...

I shook my head, hoping to clear out my mind, as I bumped into other inklings.

"Merry Squidmas babe!"

"Merry Squidmas my love.."

I stopped in my tracks and turned around. I stared at a couple embracing each other in a loving hug. I stared enviously, before making my way back home.

I have work after all.

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