Chapter 14: This Is Awkward...

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Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

Slowly, I opened my eyes, still feeling very tired from last night.

I looked at the view in front of me. The tv was off, the controller on the table, all the snacks and the garbage on the table, and the blankets obviously over us.

Wait- Us?

As I arrived to my senses, I felt an arm wrapped around my stomach, and another one under me. I felt a chin resting on top of my hair, and I blushed furiously when I saw Mike's sleeping face. I could feel his legs brushing against mine underneath the blankets, shifting a tiny bit every time.

"H-how did t-this happen?! >///<" I yelled in my head, while taking deep breaths to calm myself down. "Did he do this on p-purpose..? Or did we end up like this..? All I remember is falling asleep on his shoulder and we ended up horizontally..?" All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind, still trying to process what's going on while not panicking. My cheeks and the tip of my ears were getting hot, and I could feel myself nervously tremble slightly. From what I could hear, he was still asleep.

I kept trying to come up with ideas to get out of his arms, without waking him up. But then the other side of me started to hit me. Being cuddled up in Mike's strong arms just made me feel so peaceful and safe. Even if I was nervous, I still can't help but love the feeling of us cuddling. It feels great...I could feel his breaths breezing through my hair, kind of tickling me. His arms wrapped comfortably around my waist. Our legs intertwined together. I had all of him, to myself, and of course I'm happy about it. After all he's the only one I truly love.

I let out a content sigh, and decided to make a bold move.

Slowly, I turned my body around so that my back wasn't facing Mike, and so that I was still in his arms. He moved a bit, and I stayed still for the moment, not wanting to wake him up. Mike settled and I scooted the upper part of my body closer to his upper body. At this moment, I was extremely close to him, leaving little to almost no space in between us,

And I am loving every second of it.

I burrowed my face in his shirt, which obviously smelt all like him, and enjoyed the scent. "God, I've never been so comfortable and happy before.." I thought to myself happily. His arms tightened slightly, me still being wrapped in them.

If we were to hopefully ever get together, I would definitely be doing this every minute of the day.

I got too comfortable, and even though normally it's hard for me to fall asleep after I had woken up in the morning, I fell back asleep again.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

I don't know how long we stayed up last night and the fact that I somehow ended up laying horizontally with Sarah in my arms is a mystery. My eyes opened slowly and groggily.

My eyes met with Sarah's green hair underneath my chin. And my arms were wrapped around her waist.

My eyes widened, though I kept calm. I didn't want to end this anytime soon. I could feel her cheek rubbing against my chest, her soft breaths too. I relaxed as a sudden warmth washed over me, and I couldn't hold back the huge smile I now had. "This is like a dream come true.." I thought to myself, sighing happily.

The sun was starting to shine brighter through the living room window, forcing me to shut my eyes tightly. I took a quick glance at the time on the tv box. It was nearly 11:00 A.M. and honestly, I'm not planning to get up until she does. I'm cherishing this moment forever, and never letting go of it. Every muscle in my body felt relaxed and comfortable holding the inkling close to me.

For a moment, I quickly adjusted myself in the sofa. Which also woke up Sarah.

"G-good morning, M-Mike!" Sarah jumped when she realized she was in my arms and buried in my chest. Embarrassed, she jumped out of my arms and stood up on the floor. She adjusted her clothing and hair as she stood there. "H-how'd you s-sleep?" She looked down flustered and played with her fingers.

My throat seemed to tighten at that moment, and my cheeks and ears were starting to get hot. "I-I slept well..What about you Sarah?" I asked just as nervously as her. Sarah gave me a simple and cute nod.

There was a couple of seconds of silence between us, but I didn't quite know what to say. Out of nowhere, Sarah let out an awkward chuckle. "Hehe..this is awkward.." She whispered, holding back a giggle with a small blush.

I sat up on the couch, fixed my shirt and looked up at her. "Y-yea it is.." I said with a nervous smile, my hands interlocked. Both of our faces were fire-engine red, and another moment of silence came between us.

"H-how about we just go and eat a late breakfast and pretend like this didn't happen?" Sarah suggested rather quickly. Maybe she didn't like it? Or doesn't like me in that way?

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I was just as embarrassed as he was, standing up and him sitting down, both of us still processing what just happened. After I had suggested the idea of forgetting about this, Mike's expression seemed to sadden or get a bit more serious. Quickly after, he smiled and nodded. "Agreed."

I know I loved cuddling up with him, but I'm not ready to tell Mike how I feel about him. I can't make it too obvious at the moment (though I probably already did, unless he can't take a hint).

Mike and I walked to the kitchen, trudging, somehow still tired after sleeping for a long time. We made our selves a bowl of cereal each, followed by a small cup of coffee.

"Ah! That's hot!" Mike exclaimed burning his mouth with his recently made coffee. He jumped up from his spot near the counter and his facial expression looked really funny to me.

I laughed. He told me to shut up.

Playfully of course.

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