Chapter 4: Turf War!

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Agent 3 (Sarah's) P.O.V

"What stages are on today?" I asked myself. I looked up at the TVs that showed what stages were on today. Walleye Warehouse and Mako Mart. Theater are pretty good stages, in my opinion anyways. Hopefully Mike will be okay with this.

"Hey Mike, c'mon let's go!" I said, grabbing him by the hand again and pulling him to an open lobby. Of course, he yelped out of surprise.

"You two want to be on the same team since you guys are together?" An older Inkling asked. "Yea, that's fine." Mike responded. "You got your weapons?" Both Mike and I raised our Splattershot Pros in unison. "Alright then." The Inkling said, opening the door for us.

We sat down in a small, circular room with two other Inklings waiting too. However all four of them were giving Mike dirty looks. "Hah. An Octoling. This will be fun, probably very weak too." One of them whispered to another, who laughed at the comment. I looked over at Mike, who was giving them dirty looks. We both took a seat and he leaned over to me saying: "I'm going to splat these fools." I couldn't help but give out a small giggle.

Agent 8 (Mike's) P.O.V

It took a few minutes, but four other inklings joined. Sarah gave me small nudge and pointed to a TV that was located above the doorway. It kept flashing a picture of two different stages quickly. And finally stopped on "Walleye Warehouse?" An employee separated us into our teams and opened the door that, I assumed, led us to super jump to our spawn.

Either way, I was going to splat those jerks.

After a few seconds to get the spawns going, we were finally allowed to go and get "Turf" as Sarah had told me before we started. I started running and swimming while shooting and covering as much ground as possible. I was probably running for 10-15 minutes before I started losing my breath. I've only splatted the opposing team like 9 times. It wasn't enough for me.

In the Octarian Army we had to have at least 25 splats in order to pass the exams to continue in the Army. Not that you had a choice anyways, we were brainwashed. But something inside me wants me to surpass that.

I've been lost in my thoughts again and I was being shot at again. Putting my back against the wall, before submerging myself in my ink to recover ink, I through a Point-Sensor to see where he was. Of course he was behind the same shipping crate I was.

I quickly tried to swim to the right of the crate to try to bait him into following me. An inkling with a black and white version of my Splattershot Pro. But I was able to splat him before he was able to me.

And just like that, the game was over.

Over an intercoms in the stage they told us to super jump back, which we all did.

Sarah came up from behind me, surprising me. "How do you think you did for your first match?" I shrugged "Probably worse than usual..."

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