Chapter 15: Alone, Like Always

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A couple of days after...

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

Mike and I reported to Headquarters at Octo Valley after our weekend break.

"I'm so tired.." He yawned.

I rolled my eyes with a smile and asked, "We just had a break Mike, how are you tired?" He gave me a curious look and then smiled sheepishly. "I might've, maybeeee kind offfff stayed up watching InkTube." I let out a small giggle, and adjusted my grip on my Hero Shot. Mike laughed along with me, and threw his Hero Roller over his shoulder.

It wasn't long until we made it to HQ, and we were gretted by Callie and Marie. "Hey you two!" Callie smiled gleefully, clearly cheery. "Hey," Marie smiled simply. The both of us greeted them back, before they gave us our job.

"Just patrol for today." Marie smiled softly at the both of us. I looked over at Mike, who seemed to be beaming with joy from the request.

Though seeing him smile like that gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. I have to tell him.

"Someone's happy." I teased. Mike grinned at me before playfully sticking his tongue out at me. I did the same back. "Alright now you two." Marie laughed softly. "Get on with today's job. You shouldn't be having trouble today. Everything seems to be in the clear." She explained. We nodded and began to head out to Tentakeel Outpost.

If I'm going to be honest, I didn't get much sleep either last night. I just..I just couldn't stop thinking about Mike. How good looking he was, his smile, how he is literally the most kind and gentle guy I've ever met, funny and serious when he has to be. I stayed up all night looking at pictures of us and fantasizing about being together, holding my pillow close in an effort to recreate what happened not long ago on the couch. It didn't feel the same.

We walked around Tentakeel Outpost, nothing out of the ordinary, all empty. When we have work, days like these were the least stressful ones. Mike and I could just walk around for awhile with each other, and just talk about whatever without the fear of someone who might hear us.

We went on talking, Mike explaining a weird theory video he saw last night with me intrigued. Every moment that I was with him, I was happy.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

As we talked and walked around the silent outpost, Sarah would yawn, not out of boredom, but because she was tired. Occasionally stretching, gun in hand, and trying to wake up. "Looks like someone else didn't get sleep." I joked with her. She gave me a glare that told me she wasn't amused. I chuckled nervously and didn't add another comment. She looked way tired than me, her posture was more sluggish, her arms were swinging even more loose, her eyes would droop down and stay closed for a couple of seconds before opening them again.

"Hey Sarah, are you actually tired?" I asked her concerned, putting a hand on her shoulder and halting her walk. "Y-yea I am. But so are you, Mike." Sarah responded, rubbing one of her eyes. "So it's ok." She finished with a smile and a faint pink blush on her cheeks. I pouted at her response, and let out a small sigh. She looked at me confused, as I moved ahead to find a place to sit down. She felt tired, so we needed to rest for a moment.

I found a concrete wall that was broken so that an inkling could sit on. Of course, I didn't tell Sarah what I was planning to do, so I sat down as she stood in front of me. "Mike we shouldn't be resting. Come on." Her voice sounded tired and a bit lower than usual.

"Come here." I said, motioning to my lap.

"W-What??" Sarah exclaimed, her face turning really red.

"Just turn into your squid form and you can take a quick nap on my lap." I suggested. 

She furrowed her eyebrows, debating on wether or not to take the opportunity. A smile once again appeared on her red face as she set the Hero Shot resting against the same wall where my Roller was. She gave a small hop and quickly turned into her squid form (which was just as cute as her inkling form), and landed on my lap.

"Thanks Mike..." She whispered before falling asleep on my thigh, curled up into a little ink ball.

I smirked and gently patted her head, "Of course, no problem." I was surprised to see how fast she had knocked out. Sarah had fallen asleep almost instantly. "She looks so cute like this too.." My mind rambled on.

I looked around in my surroundings, the clear blue sky, the white fluffy clouds, the broken down structures around us, the bald trees and so on. A satisfying breeze would come along every so often, rustling the leafless tree's branches. All the worries and problems that I had in mind seemed to have faded and went away. I felt at peace, comfortable, without a care in the world except the inkling on my lap. Not another living soul in sight, just the two of us, all alone, again and like always.

I looked down at the squid on my lap, realizing that subconsciously, I was scratching her head slowly and gently. She purred from the pleasure she got from it, though still fast asleep.

A couple minutes after...

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I woke up from my mini nap not long after, still feeling Mike scratching my head softly. It felt great. I don't think he realized I woke up, so I stayed there for awhile longer, wanting him to continue.

Though I have something important to tell him.

I shifted on his lap a bit to get a bit more comfortable.

"Hey, Mike..?"

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