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Lucy was fuming, that would be the understatement and Antalia knew this is not the right time to approach her mother into telling what was all that about? So she kept quiet and took her place opposite to her mother on the couch and saw her mumbling and grumbling to herself and trying to cool herself, taking the chances Antalia said "well you know sharing is caring" But the sharp look from Lucy shut her up.

"I'm ordering pizza for diner" Lucy said and left the room.

Next, day was not any different her mother was walking fire ball, that you can't even touch or speak too so Antalia stayed clear of her all day and minded her own business.

On third day Antalia called up the only people she could think of, who can subside her anger, at least for now? Later in that day their door bell rang and came inside the Alpha Ryan and Luna Serene "please talk to her she is getting on my nerves now and looked so pissed, even I'm scared to go and call her"

"Where is she?" asked Luna Serene

"She is in backyard gardening" replied Antalia

Serene made her way towards the backyard to know enough about the house now that she is been now for plenty of time, and saw her friend watering the flowers, she knew Lucy sensed her and went and stood beside her "you know frowning all the time going to cause you look sixty, before you really hit it" Serene casually stated.

"I can assure you that I will not be getting frown lines" Lucy looked at her friend and said it stoically and asked "why are you here?"

"What can't I visit my friend without any treason?" Serene asked surprised.

"Sure whatever you say" Lucy acted bored.

"Ok fine" serene gave in "we need to talk to you. Let's go inside" and before Lucy could resist she dragged her into her house, and stopped only when they were in the living room where Antalia and Ryan were waiting for them.

"really Antalia" asked Lucy giving her daughter the look.

"What someone has to call the rescue team before you burned the house down" sated Antalia and left the room so that adults can talk.

"fine" Lucy said taking the seat beside on the couch and serene sat beside her "let's talk then"

"Ok" Ryan sated "so what you will do?" obviously referring to the events happened few days ago.

"There is nothing to do" Lucy replied.

"Really" Serene said to her friend and fixed her with her meanest glare she could muster.

"fine, what you want me to do?" Lucy said giving up the though look act. "I can't just accept his offer and uproot my children lives like that, frankly speaking now after twenty years they want me to come home, that's not my home not anymore and they lost all the rights after how they treated me all those years back? The way I was treated way back then when I was at my lowest, rejected, hurt beyond belief and no one to turn too other than you guys at my side. I can't just forget everything and be happy and run to another continent just because they want me home, I don't think so."

"I know Lucy and I understand all the things you just said, you forget one thing that we were there with you went that all went downhill for you, but aren't you curious to know why they will send your uncle to look for you and why would he come across whole new country to ask you to come home" Ryan said softly to her, speaking out his rational mind to Lucy "at least hear him out, listen what he wanted to say to you, hear out his side of story then decide, but if I were you I would go there to know the answers of all the why's and what's? From them and demand them the answers of all my questions these past twenty years" Ryan concluded

"He is right Lucy you too have the right to know about all the question and answers their side of story and yours, they don't even know they have grandchildren from you, don't you think they also have the right to know their own grandparents; think about it and then decide and call us" Serene said, both of them then left to Lucy to think and dwell upon and what ifs?.

Later in the evening when whole house was ire silent, no voice was heard Lucy crept into her back yard and sat there gazing at the endless darkness all around the area and thought about all the possibilities, pros and cons, good and bad, thought about her children, the only way she survived was because of them, first time in long time she thought about her family back in America, what if she stayed there how her life would have shaped out? What about her children that her parents have no knowledge about? She thought about the Ryan words, she knew he is right, absolutely right but, she fear of facing the unknown, their reaction to her two joys, her siblings their mates, they would have kids now too and the ultimate question they don't know the answer was her mate, who rejected her after a little play, the things said to her, they way she made herself this strong was not easy, not at all, but she knew sooner or later she has to face the facts and her family back there has too answers to her questions. Lucy made her mind and she knew it is the right decision to take and called the one person "I'm ready send him at my house at 12 noon" with that she cut the call without hearing the reply and prayed to the goddess above for the ultimate patience and peace of mind.

Next day the noon couldn't come faster for Lucy and she know her daughter who is watching her like hawk is not going to leave her alone, at least for this conversation, which she is secretly grateful for? Not that she is going to tell her daughter that.

"So momma dearest when he is going to be here" Antalia asked

"At 12" Lucy asked.

"Ok but, I think someone is just going to ring the bell little too early" Antalia supplied and at the cue the door bell ringed and she skipped before Lucy can question her , she looked at the watch there is still ten minutes reaming to be twelve. Lucy made her way into the living area where her uncle is sitting looking nervous and her daughter looking excited like a kid in the circus. Lucy came into her uncle's view and he abruptly stood up "Lucy" he said "it's good to see you again you have a nice home"

"Cut the small talk uncle" Lucy said taking seat and gesturing her uncle to do the same "let's not beat around bush and come straight to the point why are you here?"

"I already told you to take you back" he replied

"Which I'm not buying, tell me clearly the reason that you are here looking for me and apparently to take me back?" Lucy stated again, she wanted the solid reason.

"Lucy" her uncle stared "your father in fact everyone been looking for you for past ten years, your mother she is not in good shape after you left and we are afraid especially your father, that she wouldn't survive for long now, she doesn't talk much just few people she answers. She only asks for you, only you" he paused "we want you to come home for her, at least for sometime let her see you, touch you , hold you. It's only you know who can make her alive, please do this...." Uncle George couldn't complete his sentence because someone entered the house and his voice floated in whole house.

"ma I'm home..." there stood Lucy's one and only son Jedrck.


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