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"You know" Antalia said to her mother "we have to face them sometime this week" who is lying upside down on the couch.

"I know that" Lucy muttered from her place from the chair "and you keep on forgetting that we are invited for dinner tomorrow evening"

"Oh yeah" Antalia mumbled unsure "when did that happen?"

"When you were on you hurricane spree?" called out Jedrck from the kitchen, in few seconds he rounded the corner with some snacks in his hand "so ma are you excited about tomorrow."

"Excited" Lucy mumbled "more like terrified would be right term" she told her kids, "why are you excited?" she asked them in return.

"Oh hell yeah" Antalia said now seating right way "I'm super pumped to see their reactions when you introduce us to them?" said with the wicked smile.

"Huh" Lucy said "what about you boy?" directed the question to her son.

"Well I'm pumped up too but, not letting my guard down whether family or not. Logically speaking we don't know them at all and as for you it's been twenty years since you have met them so, it's safe to say lots of hostility will be there, so let's see how it's go" Jedrck spoke his mind.

"When did you get so mature?" Antalia said in amazement to her twin.

"Well I was always this awesome" Jedrck responded

"So modest" Antalia mocked

"One of the traits" Jedrck said in snooty accent.

"well think of it if you find your mate in here" Antalia mused "American mate, how wonderful would that be?"

"well we see" Jedrck said "if I find her or him here that would be awesome, if not that's ok too. I'm not here to find my mate, I'm here to support ma" threw a smile to his mother who is listening to her children with the fascination?

"we will see" Lucy interrupted the siblings heart to heart " now you both better be in bed it's already midnight, we have interesting day tomorrow"

"oh ma" they both groaned in unison.

"what? Up you both go" Lucy said to her pouting children, and went ahead to her temporary room with anticipation already building up in her stomach.

Lucy is scared even terrified and her mind couldn't comprehend what would tomorrow hold for her and her children but, nevertheless she still has night and a day to think or not to think of that, right now all she wants is to sleep and rest her mind before it explodes.


The morning came and went, so does the noon and before Lucy could prepare herself more, it is the time to get ready for the diner they, Lucy mean she is invited to, because they still don't know that she has kids, twins to be exact, well a warm welcome is out of order that she knew but, she has learned a lot past these years, so does her kids they are though she knew that but, the mother in her still care and fear for the known going to happen in few hours.

"ma" Antalia startled Lucy "it's time to get ready. What are you doing here standing staring to the oblivion?"

"I'm going, I'm going" Lucy muttered to her daughter and entered her room to get finally dressed in something casual yet formal for the evening.

After few minutes she is ready for the dinner. Lucy is wearing the black dress, with boat neckline , full sleeved reach past her knees not too bold yet sophisticated for the dinner, her hair is done in half up do, no makeup just a little balm on the lips and mascara, she is ready to go. Uncle George called her few hours ago and informed her that a warrior would be there to pick them up at sharp 6:30, its 6:10 so they have plenty of time to kill before the big night of her life.

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