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Utter silence no one said anything.

So tense, you can cut the tension with the knife.

Our gazes never wavered; scrutinizing the depths of lost years but, came empty handed. Finally he looked past me and gazed the two jewels of my life, questions masked his eyes disappearing as soon as they came and settled on me again.

"How have you been?" he asked

"Funny" I replied "it seems you care Mr. Brington"

"It was the simple question" he countered

"Then you got my answer" I countered back.

Sensing the tension so palpable in the room Uncle George came forward to diffuse the coming argument of two hard headed people "ok everyone why not we all go to dining room to eat" and lead everyone in the dining room quietly.

I can sense my kid's frustration and the cold shoulder we have got so far is not helping but, they know better to say something at least not now. Within minutes we all were seated quietly around the dining room, my father at the head of the table beside sat my uncle and my aunt and then my brother at the other end of table with his family leaving me and my kids with the other end and so does others followed their suite and it seems like two oppositions are meeting for discussing some negotiation but, in some sense it seems true we are two strange parties meeting to negotiate of terms of my mother health. Irony of life, people who meant to be with you all your life, is the stranger you surround with today.

We all sat awkwardly around the table diner served not one dish was my favourite; message was served loud and clear.

We all ate quietly tension still lingering, glares are more prominent now and question about two teenagers are meant to be spoken any moment of sprout.

"So" it was Uncle George wife "what have you been up to these past years?" trying to ease the pitiable tension in the room.

"Nothing much to tell Aunt Marie" I replied not giving much away.

"Well it's not like you were hiding in the dark" interfered Anita Aaron's mate " or were you" taunted me and scrutinizing with her car eyes.

Before I could say anything Antalia cut me off "well she already given her answer hasn't she" and starred her down.

"Low on manners I see" Anita mocked with the tilting her head to side "clearly jumped the basics"

"Oh my" Antalia faked applauded "at least make the jokes we can laugh on Nita"

"It's Anita" she replied annoyed.

"That's what I said Nita." Antalia replied with sweet smile plastered on her face.

"ok" uncle George interrupted their vibrant exchange "so Lucy I heard you own your own law firm back in states, how's that's going?"

Hearing about I own the law firm made them perked up and listen intently to uncle George and waiting for my reply "well its going good, so far best in the states."

"That's so good to hear" he relied "it's been your dream to be the lawyer and own your own firm. You remember Russell little Lucy running around wearing your court pretending to be lawyer and her brothers would be her criminals" and laughed a little at the end, in fact he is the only one laughing remising the past.

"I don't think he remember uncle " I replied staring at my father "I don't think anyone remember that at all"

A dead silence spread over the place no one utter the words, focused on their food which I am just paying with. So much of a family, coming here been a mistake I knew that from the start, but just for her, just for her, I repeated to myself.

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