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"What does he need?" Barbara thought aloud

"answers" Jed replied for his grandma looking directly at his mother, right then and their Lucy knew , she can't hold this any longer. They now have their suspicion or maybe they already knew.

"not here" that's what Lucy said.

That's all she can say at that very moment.

Now at their house which they are occupying for time being, was now filled with palpable tension and this unwanted aura that something grave going to happen. All of them were sitting around the room, some occupying the sofa, her mother just sitting with Julio and Lucy was gazing outside the window, wandering along with her thoughts.

"So..." Barbara broke the feverish tension " you saying as I think you just said" still not fully accepting that her gut was right all along this whole time, twenty long years her daughter; burned in this agony and all they did is to push her even more away from them, not just her; her kids; their blood. She did this all her own fighting, stumbling and can't even fall; not even once; she couldn't afford too.

"so that vile person" Antalia started to say "is half of our DNA"

"really" Jed asked

"is it bad that I'm relieved that he rejected you" Antalia added slowly "what? Just saying what I feel?"

"Antalia" Jed warned "it's a lot to take in, like listening about him one thing and prospect of meeting him was another but; seeing him face to face is just, throws you away. But one thing for sure I'm glad too he is not in picture" agreeing with his sister and, Lucy heartache listening that how glad their father isn't with them. Life is cruel just plain cruel.

"trust me" Jordy piped "he's not exactly the happy camper to be around"

"but, when your father asked all those years ago? Who was he?" Barbara questioned "what didn't you said anything?"

"how can I?" Lucy said with so much defeat.

"What kind of answer is that Lucy?"" Barbara asked her daughter "you should have told him"

"told him when ma" Lucy shouted losing all her control "when? When I came Zeena and Dante were already mated. What do you think if I would have told father the truth, he would never have trusted me over Zeena? All I know that when I came back, all the odds were in my favour, total turnaround, painting me the bad guy and don't forget how they both projected me, a whore. You can't just forget that ma. So when he told me not to show my face ever, I left. Albeit, I was hurt but what choice do I have then?"

"ohh Lucy"

"sorry ma"

All of them said at once.

"so now what?" Jed asked "obviously he knows or connected certain dots. We do like him in certain department"

"he is right" Antalia agreed

"well all we can do right now is wait" Lucy piped "we can't just draw him out to us and he will do what he is best is"

"which is" all chorused



"Lucy you asleep" Barbara knocked on Lucy's bedroom door

"No ma" Lucy called out "c'mon in"

Now both mother and daughter duo sat quietly with eachother hoping to catch the reigns of their individual thoughts.

"I am sorry"

"for what"

"for not being there for you"

"it's not your fault" Lucy breathed "you weren't even here"

"exactly" Barbara sighed "I should have been here. Look what did it cost; you leading life all alone and I always longing to know where were you? Your father never told me where you went and then Zeena being her selfish self and your brothers it's like no one cared about you, I know you weren't close to any of your siblings and didn't like you that much. But, the thing they said and erased your every memory from the house; like you never existed. It pained me; pained me so bad Lucy you have no idea, so I became distant from everyone, went into depression. No medicine, no treatment could affect me and one day your uncle roman came and told us he saw you in Europe, that day I couldn't even describe to you Lucy, I felt this hope ignited within me; that I could see you again, so this is my promise to you maybe twenty years ago I might have lacked in protecting you but, this time I swear on moo goddess itself I won't back down without the fight."

"ohh ma" Lucy embraced her mother tightly "you don't have to hurt, I never blamed you just missed you a lot. I just came for you know that, remember that. And I'm not the weal and naive girl from twenty years ago, I have grown and much stronger than I lead on" all throughout their conversation Lucy not once weakened her embrace, just kept it securely so her mother can see that , she is loved, missed and most importantly cherished.

The door cracked open making the two weeping women to break from their embrace.

A very tired Julio entered the room in his pj's and settled himself comfortably on the other side of Lucy's bed and scooted closer near to her and without saying anything went back to sleeping; Leaving the two very amused ladies to watch him sleep.

"does he do that often" Barbara asked amused by his action all the previous conversation long forgotten.

"yeah" Lucy muttered quietly and then they both parted for night saying their good night. Lucy carefully lay besides sleeping Julio and a smile tugged at her lips, when he scooted closer to her and mumbled something in his sleep

"I'm glad you are now my mommy" with that you can hear his soft snores in the room, his words tugging Lucy's heart and filling her with hope and strength to fight the upcoming storm.

All Lucy can do is pray to moon goddess to secure her kids happiness because in the end that's what matter her kids and their happiness.


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