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"Again can you tell me, why are we doing this?" Antalia groaned

"Mum would it make us look bad if we just drop her somewhere?" Jedrck pleaded to his mother fed up from her groaning every few seconds.

"Can't we just leave them both" a frustrated voice eight year old retorted from back of car.

Lucy broke the smile at the frustrated look on Julio face and voiced her opinion "well you heard the boss" and went back to driving them to Emilio's clan boundary, because as serious is Emilio knowing his long lost nephew and niece, Lucy is worried what will happen? Because soon enough he will get to know and one look at them he will know but she hope this trip goes without any encounter with him, especially him but, it's inevitable that she can't help but, can prolong or she hope.

"Will you too stop it already" Lucy exclaimed and abruptly her two nuisance stopped and scowled at her "I can't believe you are my kids" and continue to drive to their destination and thankfully this time they have their mouth shut.

Soon after Lucy is pulling at the main house and it looks much similar to her father's pack, nothing new but she know one thing they will be welcomed here more than there.

"I reckon you guys will be on your best behaviour" Lucy gazed at two bored faces one little scared and one look irritated and replied "I reckon you are not talking about me" said the eight year old and other three scoffed and threw him dirty look "what it's true, right ma?"

"well boss has spoken" Lucy replied throwing them all the cheeky smile and somewhere along the lines living with them for two weeks, Julio started calling her mum, and Jordy is coming to terms of that addressing me one, but Lucy is more content than before her family is expanding and she is enjoying the every moment of that.

Before they can ring the door bell the front door is opened by Emilio, smiling widely, too widely "well welcome guys, what took you so long" said ushering us in.

Julio beat to us for reply "making sure these kids behave" said with most serious expression on his face, we ever seen "kids I swear" and walked further into the house.

"He is something" Emilio muttered

"You have no idea" Jordy piped and trailed behind his brother and twins too trailing behind him.

"well should I be worried" Lucy asked

"not that I know of" Emilio said "why?"

"just checking" Lucy said and they too ventured inside the house.


Soon Lucy and kids meet Emilio's mate Joseph , which they were surprised to meet, Lucy still remember his parents are the biggest homophobic , she knows, but they yet to meet their son Elijah. Who appeared soon exact copy of his father, Emilio and later they came to know that he is biologically Emilio's.

Lucy heart soared to see her kids and Emilio's family getting to know eachother, and even Jordy seem to have good time; no judgement, no arguments, just simple conversation. That's what she always desired for her kids.

"how far have you reached.?" Said a voice close to Lucy

"huh" Lucy said and looked at her side, Emilio's mate Joseph gazing at her curiously.

"so how far have you reached?" Josephs asked again

"Where?" Lucy asked, Joseph chuckled "I have been calling you for past five minutes. You been miles in your head"

"Oh" Lucy muttered "just thinking"

'c'mon" Joseph asked getting up from his seat, together Lucy and he went outside into the garden sat quietly on bench, just gazing the darkness spread miles away.

"You are brave" Joseph said

"Am I?" Lucy questioned

"Don't you believe or even feel?" Joseph questioned "but, what I see is that you are brave, braver than most people out there. Especially in our world where our mate is our eternity; many can't sustain this you know. They kill or become rouge or commit suicide. It's not easy, so you are brave; your kids are beautiful"

"Thanks" Lucy said still unsure "but, why you are telling me this?"

"My sister" Joseph said "she commit suicide, when her mate rejected her, no humiliated her, she couldn't take it"

"I'm sorry" Lucy said feeling the pain in her heart.

"When Emilio told me about you, I thought if my sister was as strong as you, she might be happy, but she is no more. That's why I admire you, you didn't let him break you and truly his loss" Joseph explained.

Before Lucy can say anything, they hear shouting from inside both of them rushed to see the source of chaos and the sight of the person she hoped to never see, not so soon atleast is standing and fighting his way into the house.

Her ex-mate




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