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Calm before the storm is deadly. But, this clam is indication of fury, volcanic eruption soon will follow; chaos in relations, change of dynamics of life, certain truth will re surface, love will be redefined, trust will perish and mirage of lie will be breaking, out of bounds.

Like freezing cold water splashed onto his face; waking him from long conscious yet unconscious coma of reality. Again after so many years Dante felt these erupting emotions, after so long.

"And you kept it from me" Dante accused Lucy again, trying so hard to grasp the reality; he might knew deep down but, still hard to hold it within.

"Kept it from you" Lucy asked pain in her voice "who are you to ask me that question? Aren't you the one who left? Who wanted nothing to do with me? Aren't you the one who played with my emotions?"

"that's different" Dante spits out "but they are my kids too, my pups, they share my DNA too. You can't just keep them from me. I'm the alpha and they are mine to keep" gestured to their kids who now standing close to their mother.

"Yours too keep" Lucy asked angered "are they some kind of toys or property for you to own, they are my kids; my flesh and blood. They have nothing to do with you and never will."

"You bitch" Zeena said joining her mate "what the hell you sprouting?"

"Here comes the attention seeker" Lucy taunted "don't play dumb Zeena? As if you don't know, what is going on? Aren't you the master mind behind this all fiasco?"

"What the hell is going on" comes the authoritative voice of Lucy's father, but, stopped mind sentenced by his mate "don't stop them, all the questions will be answered soon." Barbara stopped her mate from toping which should have been done all those years ago.

"I don't know why would you show your face here again" Zeena called out to Lucy "but, let me tell you this, take your bastard kids and leave. No one wants you here."

"Who the hell you calling bastard kids?" Antalia replied "only bastard I see is your mate, come to think to it; you guys are really complement each other, bastard and his bitch" mocked Zeena.

"Watch it girl" Dante hissed "I'm still your father?"

Antalia rolled her eyes at that "listen here, listen carefully you are not our father just mere sperm donor and the man who raised us like father, who filled the hoes of father is definitely not you, it's him" Antalia pointed towards alpha Rylan.

"Figures" Dante mumbled "I never reckoned you be someone mistress, that's even new low for you Lucy"

Without even knowing Lucy slapped Dante across the face, echo of it heard by everyone, gasp head across the room stunning them to silence, even Antalia and Jed were surprised by their mothers action "I should have done this a long time ago." Breathed out the words "you don't even deserve pity"

"Why?" Dante spat "truth hurts, isn't Lucy"

"only thing hurts is, I should have rejected you all those years ago; not the other way around" Lucy opened up " I should have never cried, accused the moon goddess because, now I understand; she never make mistakes indeed, you and Zeena do belong with eachother."

"Don't test my patience Lucy" Dante said but, cut off by his brother Emilio.

"Stop playing with words and false threats Dante" Emilio said "the only truth is that you made mistake all those years ago, and you truly not deserve her or her kids as yours, never" his words pierced Dante but, he never showed.

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