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"So" Dante's father asked when they were finally in their own pack house "so I gathered you hid it from only me, your brother and mother already knew about this. How long were you all planning to hide it from me?"

"Ross" Eva Collins tries to intervene "try to understand"

"Understand what?" Ross snapped at his mate "that how my mate and my kids kept this truth from me. You know how humiliated I felt today, you always knew how I felt about Lucy; you knew Eva. How can you do this to that poor soul? Especially you Zeena how can you do this to your sister? And now you want to drag this issue to royal court."

"Dad" Dante finally said "can't you see she kept my kids, my pups from me? How can you justify that? They are your blood to aren't you little bit concerned about them? Don't you want to know them?"

"Concerned" Ross Collins asked astonished "yes I'm concerned, about you; about this pack, your son who is been training to be alpha for this very pack. I'm concerned about those kids who you fathered with your true mate. They don't want you Dante; get this trough your stubborn head. They despise you and frankly, I can't blame them. What you did to their mother and how you had been treating them, I don't think so you'll be getting any chances from them any time soon. I tell you now, I tell you clear; this matter is not going into royal court. We will lose what my ancestors worked for? You get that. You will lose you know it, I know it. Let Lucy and her kids be free, let them be, you never had them, you never will and certainly you don't deserve them." With that he left the house to pay visit to his oldest son.


"What brings you here?" Emilio greeted his father in front of his house.

"What a father can't visit his son?" Ross questioned

"Took you long enough" Emilio stated

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Ross dismissed his underlying tone, but asked instead to be invited to his house.

Emilio silently led his father inside his home into living room where his mate and son both were sitting "we have a guest" he simply stated gathering the attention of two males.

"At this time" his mate asked

"Grandpa" his son said, both simultaneously said.

"Elijah, Joseph" Ross politely greeted acknowledging them, turning towards his son "your office would be great place to talk" and silently they both trek towards Emilio's office, leaving two men confused behind them.

"Talk" Emilio asked his father

"You knew about this and never bothered to tell me" Ross sated without beating around the bush.

"I thought you knew" Emilio said nothing but truth "the things back them were mess. You know how your mate was, still is; so apprehensive towards my mate and son, never acknowledged. So, my only concern at that time was too protecting my mate, well but, I'm kind of relieved Lucy didn't end up with Dante; he never deserved a soul like her. It is heartbreaking but, it's the truth; mum created Dante into something he was not, something he is today; selfish, greedy, insensitive."

Ross sighed "I agree I do, I let Eva manipulate Dante like that and I failed as father, with both of you. When your mom and I met she used to be like Lucy in a way, along the lines she changed and she affected you guys; the way she shouldn't have; no mother should. I'm not here to bother you; I failed you more than Dante. I thought if I stayed away from your family and let Eva focus on something else it won't affect you but, I was wrong. She never accepted your mate and son but, I in my heart they are mine as you are, I love Elijah he could be great leader one day just like you. The real reason I'm here is I'm planning to leave the pack grounds and was hoping if you will accept me as one of yours coven members, if not it's ok too, I did let you down." First time in years Ross opened his emotions out and expressed his feelings, not even his mate, partner in life know about.

"Are you serious?" Emilio asked surprised to his father talk like this, Ross Collins known for hi calm and strong will, not like this so open with his emotion, his feelings "have you thought it through? What about Dante? He needs you right now. What about mum she won't ever step here, not where my mate lives?"

" I have thought it through, actually been thinking about this for long time, just needed a little push and this situation is that push you know and as for Dante don't worry it won't be right away. I have to straight few things in pack and as for your mother she is not the boss of me and we can live apart, it's not that hard." Ross shared with his son.

"You always have home with us" Emilio quietly said "you don't even have to ask"

"Well then I better head back" Ross stood from his seat "a lot to take care of"

"I'll be happy to help" Emilio offered, just like that a little step in right direction to burn the bridge built years ago.


"How are the kids?" Barbara enquired.

"They are fine both are sleeping now" Lucy replied back to ease her worries.

"That's good to hear" Barbara sighed in relief "they need to be trained" she suggested.

"They been training" Lucy told her

"Then how can't they control it?" Barbara questioned

"ma" Lucy said " when Antalia got rejected by her true mate from their it started, since, they both are twins it affect them both, Antalia more so than Jedrck, today what you saw happened after few months. It's not permanent I searched, it will go away with practice and now, that Jed found his mate it may help, but, what been going on lately might have just snapped her. She controlled it well, you saw it yourself; if not it could have been worst."

"I know that" Barbara agreed "but, still they have something from my lineage, they need to protect this gift and themselves with it. It's rare to have it and even rare in twins to have it. Sometimes such blessings come with great burden."

"I know" Lucy agreed "I have protected them as much as I can but, some lessons they have to teach themselves without me hovering over their shoulder. Right now I'm more worried about what happens next? My only hope he won't make any more mistakes, it will only ruin him."

"Wait is your only hope" Barbara quietly muttered.

"Hope" Lucy agreed.

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