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No one moved their eyes from the Jedrck position who is still standing, especially uncle George is stunned to see the Jedrck, she thinks he haven't wrapped his mind around the fact she has a daughter but, now a son too, he is flabbergasted. Lucy knew one look at Jedrck he will knew who their father is because Jedrck has the uncanny resemblance to half of his DNA contributor.

"aren't you going to come next week" Lucy asked her son and sapped all the attention onto her by asking this question to him.

"yeah but, I was getting home sick so here I am" he said with the charming smile of his "aren't you happy that I came a week early and saved you from the hurricane that you call your daughter" his son said.

"hey I'm right here" Antalia protested.

"on I'm sorry lady hurricane, bite me" he mocked her again

"I can do more than that" Antalia said getting up from her seat.

"ok, ok settle down you both" Lucy interrupted her children "you guys are forgetting we have a guest here" snapping both of her children attention to her uncle who is still shell shocked?

"Uncle George" Lucy said gaining his attention "this is my son Jedrck"

"You have a son" his only reply

"yeah" Lucy said quietly "they are twins"

"Jedrck this my uncle from America" Lucy introduced

"hello" Jedrck politely said to which he replied with his own hello quietly.

After few minutes Jedrck and Antalia left them alone to talk between themselves.

"so you have kids, twins" her uncle asked.

"yeah" she said

"it will come big shock to them, when they will know about your kids?" he said quietly "I'm still in shock"

"Please don't tell them about them" Lucy said "you know about kids, not yet at least"

"Don't worry I won't, it's not my place" uncle said "but, think about what I said to you. I'm here for more two days tell me what your decision is and if you want to accompany me back to California I have enough space in my private plane for you and your kids of course. There is no pressure but, I would love it if you come home with us if only for few weeks. Your mother needs you just do it for her"

"Just for her" Lucy said "they want me there so that I be a miracle and pull mother out of her depression, it's because of her that you guys want me there, is that what it is?"

"There is always more to the story that we lead on" Uncle George said wisely and stood up from his seat "it's so lovely to see you again Lucy, I'll be waiting for your answer" with that he left the house and left Lucy in the dilemma.

Later in the evening Lucy is preparing the diner when both of her children entered the kitchen and quietly sat on the bar stools and watched her cutting the vegetables, after few minutes Jedrck broke the silence "so was he really your uncle and our great uncle, who visited us"

"Yes" Lucy replied

"What does he want?" Jedrck

"Haven't your sister already filled you in" Lucy replied to her son's question

"She has but, I want to hear it from you" Jedrck decided "what are you going to do? Are we going or not?"

"Jed" Lucy emphasised

"Ma" Jedrck matched her tone.

Lucy heaved a sigh and took seat in front of her children and said "listen her there is so many things I haven't told you guys about my family, your family and the things said and the events took place in the past made me guarded and protective of you guys. It's not just my family will be there your guy's father..."

"You mean the sperm donor" Jedrck said

Lucy ignoring her son statement carried on "your father most like will be their too and I have told you this countless time that no one know about you guys not even him and to take you guys there with me is highly risky and I don't want you guys getting hurt. Antalia is still recovering from her mate rejection and you haven't found one. I can't see you hurt and I know this for sure that if we go there lots of hurt full things will be said and I don't want you guys seeing and hearing those things"

"But, you forget this ma" Antalia said "you wanted to tell us, but we didn't wanted to know about the person who fathered us, it was our choice not yours, I don't regret not knowing him."

"she is right ma" Jedrck backed his sisters statement "I do to not regret not knowing him, in fact it is easier not to know him but, we are now big enough to support you and is you decide to visit your family in America, we would love to go with you, if we have to fight we will fight beside you."

Lucy is stunned and is so proud of her kids; they are so grown up now that they cannot only protect themselves but, her too. "Oh you guys, thank you so much for understanding me and if I decide you both are going to be with me, no matter what. We are a team"

"of course we are" Antalia said " but, he is our side kick"

"side kick" Jedrck said "oh it's definitely you hurricane"

"How many times I have already told you to not to call me hurricane" Antalia pointed to her brother.

"Let see" Jedrck pretended to think "couple of thousands but, you know what I don't care hurricane?" and ran from the kitchen.

"I show you hurricane" Antalia hot on his brother's heel.

"no running in the house" Lucy shouted to her kids but, she knew she was ignored.

Lucy has the biggest and toughest decision to make so far. She has her children beside her and she also knew her friends there will be in heartbeat when she needs them but, her fears are real not for her but for her kids but, she needs to take a step maybe this is for best or maybe not. Who knows until she takes the step and unveil the future for her and her kids.



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