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"Well meet your grandkids, Jedrck and Antalia" Lucy thought about the events played last night, when she introduced her kids to her freshly reunited family, not that they were welcoming but, still it meant a lot form her to introduce her kids to the family.

They were shocked at least that's for sure, her mother who she came to know haven't said much to anybody since, she left but, anyways I made them spell bound for sure, like came after twenty so years with not one but, two teenage kids, adults to be precise and the existence of whom was not know till now.

Lucy's mother was most shocked so does her father and that bitch of her sister and the brother, his mate and their kids well, you can say they were anything but, happy but, surprised for sure. Before they would have sprouted ill-wills to her kids which, she might add her sister more or so suggested she painted the town red but, she was ignored and soon, kids and her left the place and they totally laid down their dislike for their new found family, especially Antalia, who was just seconds away from ripping my bitch of sisters hairs, not my words but, her not that I can complain or cool her down because internally I was fuming too, Jedrck on the other hand didn't say much but looked thoughtful and way into his own thoughts, but let me know that he too disliked the way they were treated previous night not that they expected to be treated open hearted, not that Lucy herself was happy but, still gulped the insults because of her mother.

Today to they are going to meet her mother, here Lucy obediently waiting for kids to come down stair so that they can go to the main house and have breakfast with her and to finally meet her without any interruptions.

Seriously you two" Lucy shouted "be down this instant or I'll be going without you guys."

After hearing Lucy's warning they hurriedly descended the stairs and graced their mother with their presence, both were dressed exactly the same with the ripped jeans and with matching coloured tops.

"let's go" said Antalia beaming at her mother time like this she is thrown into flashbacks of their father, whose presence is more prominent some days than other in them , like today, their beaming faces resembled his so much that it sometimes difficult to breathe.

"Why so eager to go there?" mumbled Jedrck "it's not like they will welcome us."

"Well I'm not but, it's for mom's mother not, of us" Antalia said sounding mature, which is rare "and we can always leave them to their devices and find something of our own."

"C'mon you two" Lucy said before they launch into new set of arguments. Goddess only know they are terrible at that and it's beyond her belief that she stayed sane with them always around.

"I call dibs on front seat" with that Antalia dashed towards the car with Jedrck following not far behind, shaking her head Lucy too joined her kids.


"So how's the pancakes" asked Lucy mother to her grandkids, goddess know how many sleepless nights she has to see her daughter, to see her having her own family. What happened was not right? She knew that but, at that time she fell short, failed as the mother.

"oh they so soft "Antalia said her mouth full making her grandmother laugh and eating more of whatever she could find, and Jedrck nodding after her statement.

"Antalia manners" Lucy scolded her daughter.

"oh hush Lucy, let the poor girl eat" said Lucy's mother.

"Please they are acting as I have never fed them before" Lucy said to her mother "and beside this, you should be resting not making this feast of us, a smile thing made by the cooks would have been suffice." Lucy told her mother

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