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I wake up to the sound of the smoke alarm. I hear Leo shuffling around and a groan. "I fucking told her not to cook in the morning," he says through his pillow in a muffled voice.

I sit up and rub my eyes trying to avoid the bright room. When I check the time on my phone it's nine am.

In seconds he's hopped out of bed, swung the door open and heading down the hall. I stay sitting rubbing my head for a minute before groaning and standing up. The piercing noise of the smoke alarm finally stops as I'm walking to the stairs.

Everything in the house is modern and white causing it to be blinding.

Once I'm in the kitchen Keanu is waving a towel and has the door open to get air through. Leo is at the dining table clearly annoyed.

Keanu walks up to me and kisses me on the cheek. "Sorry about this." She laughs lightly. "I made pancakes though."

"They're probably poisonous."

"Oh shut up you cook your own breakfast," Keanu barks at her brother.

"I will." He jumps up and heads to the kitchen. "After seeing your food I'm sure he'll want to make his own as well."

"You're such a asshole," Keanu groans walking out of the kitchen with pancakes on her plate.

An older lady with her grey hair done up into a nice bun walks in.

"Nana." Leo's entire mood changes as he moves to to give her a hug.

I grab a plate before sitting down at the table next to Keanu. She rolls her eyes before talking to me.

"Now I'll have to deal with his annoying ass all weekend. The only time he's ever home."

I don't reply, I just eat the somehow flavourless pancakes in silence.

"I think I'm going to go back to mine tonight," I say to Keanu as we walk upstairs. "You can come over if you want."

"Let me pop into my moms room and ask."

I follow Keanu down the hall to the master bedroom. I don't follow inside but wait in the hall and listen.

"Hey mom can I go to Andrews house tonight?"

"Y- wait no his parents aren't home. I don't want you guys home alone."

"C'mon were not gonna do anything bad. What if Leo comes."

"Nana is here and he definitely will not go."

"Okay what if I invite a friend then we're not alone."

"More people won't make you guys act more mature. No you can't go."

"Please mom."

I walk away so I don't have t listen any more and head back to Leo's room where my bags on the floor. I fold up the sheets and lay them on the bed before grabbing my bag and waiting on Keanu's bed.

"She said I can only stay till like two am. At that point I don't know why I can't just sleepover."

"That's fine I guess. I was going to invite Aleks and Julian if you want to invite Talia."

"Yeah. Alcohol?"

"Tell them to bring their own. I don't have anything."

Liv: Mia and I going to a movie wanna go?

Lately Liv and I have been texting a bit. Last time I saw her we got to chatting and she got me high as hell for the first time ever it was odd, but we exchanged numbers and occasionally we'll text.

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