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Elle hands me another beer. She's not too bad.

I never really liked her but she loosens up a bit when she's drunk. Gabe is at the the foosball table with Leo and I'm on the couch laughing as the idiots struggle to play the game.

Liv is basically straddling Aleks' lap on the other side of the couch, because he's here for some reason. And finally, Mia is sat at the couch and chatting with me.

"These idiots can barely stand," Mia laughs as we watch the boys.

My phone buzzes and I look down.

Keanu: where the fuck are u?
Keanu: we're going to the movies with Talia tonight remember???
Keanu: if ur sleeping I stg

I just shut off my phone and close my eyes.

Fuck I forgot. Whatever.

"What is it?" Mia asks.

My phone buzzes again.

Keanu: I'm gonna drop by urs

I just turn off ringer and toss my phone onto the table. "It's nothing. Just someone annoying me."

"Ohh!" Gabe yells. "I won, fucker."

"Wow this is the first time I'm seeing you lose," I tease Leo.

Gabe raises an eyebrow. "I beat him at everything."

"Yeah anything that requires logic but you couldn't win a race for shit," Leo says.

"Wanna bet?"

"Yeah I do. Eighteen dollars."

"I only have nine."

"Okay then, nine dollars plus bragging rights."

"Your on," Gabe says.

"You idiots where are you going to run?" Elle asks.

"The street."

"Yeah and face plant on the road. Y'all are struggling to stand, let alone run."

"Nah were doing this. C'mon," Leo says and Gabe follows behind him. Mia and I are quick to jump up and follow.

Mia and I laugh the whole way as we walk out of the alleyway to the street.

"I'll stand by the stop sign, which will be our finish line. Andrew you're starting line, you say go."


The street is vacant and nothing but the orange street lights illuminating the empty street.

"Follow me," I laugh. "Okay line up. Actually take this time to stretch." After that I line them up. I back up and stand between them before starting to countdown. Holding eye contact with Leo the entire time. "When I say go. Three, two, one, go!"

In seconds they're already part way down the street.

From afar I can't tell who finished first but I jog up to Mia to find out. Actually, Leo bragging to Gabe said it all.

They're still both out of breath and for a second I think Gabe is gonna throw up. Leo is laying like a starfish on the cement road.

"Good job," I laugh standing over him. He holds a thumbs up.

"Suck that Gabe!" He sits up and goes to stand but loses his balance so I help him up, almost losing my balance from laughing. "This deserves a celebratory drink."

I laugh at his logic and we all head back inside.

"I won!" He yells to Elle.

"I can tell by the grin on your face."

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