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"You are grounded!" My mother barks at me as soon as she barges into my room. "All night I was worried sick where you were!"

I just sit on my bed and listen. I just got back from hanging out at the old campground.

"Ever since you've been hanging out with that kid, you've been up to no good." She rubs her forehead. "You were supposed to be helping him get on track not have him drag you down."

I lean back in my bed and just stare at the ceiling, ignoring what she says. I haven't seen Leo in about an hour and I would much rather be with him then listening to this crap.

"You've worked so hard your entire life. When school comes around this better not affect your grades. Don't let a boy be the reason you put seventeen years of work to waste."

She takes in a deep breath. "Now the Medero family is coming for dinner. This has been planned for a while now so canceling is not an option but I don't want to see you hanging around that boy all night. And for Christ sake, treat your girlfriend better. She's a lovely young lady and you better not ruin things with her."

Mom slams the door behind her as she walks out.

Keanu: r u home now? Ur mom texted me saying ur okay
Read: 3:57pm

Mom doesn't scare me. Dad does though.

I change into riding gear and head outside to the stables.

"I just groomed both of them and I mucked their stalls this morning!" Mila calls out when she sees me walk into the stables.

"Mind if I take Nano out on the trails?"

"Go ahead," Mila smiles. "Oh and I already told your father this but next week I'm away visiting family in Mexico."


She walks past me and into the tack room.

I just want to be out in the forest. Away from all the people. I need to think about what the fuck I did.

After a bit I get Nano all tacked up and I mount the horse before leading him to the trails out back.

I haven't gone trail riding in a bit. To be quite honest I've spent the whole summer with Leo.

Once I'm walking through the woods I keep the reigns pretty loose, not really worrying about any animals spooking Nano. Typically dad likes the reigns tight for more control.

I spend a good amount of time out till I come across a squirrel injured on one of the trails.

"Oh, buddy oh..." I mumble to myself as I hop off Nano and walk slowly to the squirrel, reigns loose in my hand.

"We should get you somewhere," I say to myself as I sacrifice my expensive gloves to pick up the injured squirrel covered in dirt and little to no blood.

I rub my forehead with the back of my hand that didn't touch the squirrel. "Damn how am I going to do this Nano?"

I've got to remount the horse with a god damn squirrel in my hand. Why am I doing this? It's likely going to die anyway.

I think Leo would slap me if he knew I left the squirrel. Yeah he would so be upset.

I lay the squirrel on its back on the bottom of the horses neck, just by the mane, before I remount the horse, careful not the knock the squirrel off.

The ride back home is slow and careful as I lean the squirrel against my leg. I entertain myself by talking to Nano and the squirrel like a lunatic.

Once I get back I see both Leo and Keanu sitting at the back porche in what looks like silence.

"Andrew!" She stands up calls out to me.

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