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"I think your girlfriend wants to kill me," Mia says. She's tanning on the pool floatie.

"What makes you think that?"

"Her threatening to kill me if I even tried anything, just tipped me off a bit." I laugh at her sarcasm. "She's not shy."

"Have you ever seen Leo be shy?"

"Good point."

"Still. Girl didn't hesitate to get my number and threaten me."

"I'll talk to her about that," I say actually kind of annoyed. She went out of her way to threaten my friend?

Mia sighs. "Not trying to start anything I just found it silly. Such a smart girl yet handles situations so immaturely."

I stay laying in the sun on the lawn chair.

"Where's Liv?" I ask.

"Dunno. Want to call her? We were supposed to go bowling yesterday but she had some important matters."

"Important matters being Aleks?"

"Yes. Her new hobby slash favourite thing to do in her spare time if you know what I mean."

"Trust me I do. I'll call her."

I grab my phone and click Liv's contact name. She picks up almost instantly and holds up a short conversation where I ask if she wants to go bowling. She ends up suggesting we go by the campground instead and I shrug why not.

"Might as well stay in your suit," I say to Mia.

"I do plan on bowling in a two piece. Think the boys will like?"

"We're going to the campground."

She laughs before adjusting her sunglasses and attempting to paddle the float to the edge of the pool so she doesn't have to swim out.

"A little help?"


"Okay thanks prick."

I laugh as she takes her time but she eventually gives up and jumps in to swim to the stairs.

"I'm going to take my dads Jeep," I say to her.

"Oh today I'll drive the Jeep," she says mocking me. "Tomorrow I feel like the porche and maybe Sunday I'll feel more in the mood for the Mercedes."

"Hurry up," I laugh as she dries off. She grabs her bag before we head out front.

The whole car ride we just chat about random things and spend a good chunk of the time complaining about people.

"Is it just Liv going?" Mia asks.

"Yeah. Surprised Aleks isn't tagging along."


"Where's Elle? I never really see her around."

"Lately she's been helping her dad work in the shop so she spends a lot of her day working."

"And Gabe?"

"Gabe is just antisocial. He plays video games all day."

"Left or right?" I say switching the topic when I can't remember the directions.


I turn right last minute catching her a bit off guard and not before long I can see the overgrown entrance to the campground.

"We came in our suits," Mia says to Liv when we get out of the car.

"I actually brought mine this time too."

"Race you all in!" I try to take off my shirt as I run past them but as soon as I see Liv run I decide fuck the shirt and jump in.

When I resurface all three of us are in the water splashing and laughing.

"I forgot to tell you I brought a rope to tie to that tree," Liv says as she swims to the rock to sit on.

"Oh we've been meaning to do that forever now."

"We're kinda soaked how are we going to climb a tree?" I ask.

"I'll have to dry off a bit so I can climb up. I also have to position it over this rock so we can climb up and swing."

"Think there's towels at the camper?" Mia asks Liv.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"Oh we revamped an old trailer left for trash."

"Oh right, Leo told me about that."

"Maybe we should stay here one night. It's been a while since we've camped out here," Liv says.

"Yeah. Us three and Leo."

"What about Aleks?"

"No that's too many people."

"Aw c'mon," Liv says before turning her attention to me. "Andrew, Aleks is your best friend. Don't you want your best friend to come?"

I don't get a chance to answer. "Okay fine but he's sleeping in the bed on the other side of the trailer."

"Let's go check out the trailer and see how it's doing. I think I left a suit and some flip flops there."

"I'd be surprised if a homeless person isn't living there by now," Mia snorts.

We slip on shoes and grab our phones before heading down an overgrown path. The trailer isn't too far but it's still a bit of a walk and much deeper into the grounds.

"Look at that, it's still intact," Liv laughs jogging towards it.

When I reach the camper, she's already entered. On each side is a bed and in the middle is the cupboards, small kitchen and a door to a very tiny bathroom.

"You'll be in this bed with me, and he's going to be in the other bed."

"Where does that Leo and I?" I ask.

"A tent."

"Aw the ground sucks. Why can't Aleks get that?"

"Because she will sneak out to sleep with him."

"You're such a cock block," Liv mutters. "It's like I'm camping with my mom."

"Yeah yeah don't come then," Mia snorts as she starts cleaning up the dust with an old cloth.

"I think we should do it tomorrow night," Liv says ignoring Mia.

"Okay then help me clean."

"I'll help," I say. Since I'm wet all the dust sticks to me which is gross but we clean the trailer and take out the sheets. Mia says she'll take them back to her place to wash so I drop her off at home and then I go home to shower.

I then text Leo to ask how the test went. This morning he was busy writing his G1.

Leo: ahah failed
Andrew: it's not hard
Andrew: like at all
Leo: still failed
Andrew: I'll be driving u everywhere forever this is fucking pointless
Leo: sucks to be u
Leo: wanna come over im bored
Andrew: yeah I'll be there in bit

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