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ahah i feel so bad because so many of you are waiting on an update for this story and some of my other stories so oops... anyway, i appreciate all ur comments i read them all and log onto wattpad daily to go through a couple hundred notifs. it's exhausting but i read them all!!!

now, summer depression might influence my writing a bit so i'll try not to hurt leo too much but like....

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I sit between the twins on, the so far, dead silent flight. The two have been arguing a lot more lately and Keanu is sure as hell not happy he's here.

I'm even more conflicted because she says I'll spend all my time with him, and that's not wrong but I can't leave her and ruin her trip. But then Leo will feel down because I promised I would end things with Keanu.

Which I will. After this trip. I have it sorta... not really planned. Regardless, I will do it. It's just, during this trip, everything would just be a mess if I did it here.

Leo stares out the window and Keanu begins to hum quietly to my left.

After a while, Leo starts to draw and Keanu sleeps on my shoulder. I watch him draw.

The two of us decided not to do anything till I was done with Keanu. I hate that. Part of me wants to wake her up, tell her and then fall asleep on Leo's shoulder.

The plane ride is only three hours but when we get off it's already midday.

We head to baggage claim before heading to our resort.

We have a rented condo right next to there's.

"Okay, you guys go sort out your stuff and we're going to find a place to eat," Mrs. Medero says.

Keanu and Leo head to there place and I head upstairs and into a room. It's so lifeless with no knickknacks or personal items. I shrug and fill the drawers with whatever I brought before heading back downstairs.

Soon, the twins, we'll actually, Keanu, burst through the door. "I am not sharing with him."

The parents look at each other.

"There's two beds in that room. You'll be fine. All you have to do is sleep in the same room,"
Mrs. Medero says.

"What about changing and like calling my
friends and stuff?"

"Do that somewhere else, I don't know," Mrs. Medero shrugs.

Keanu's voice starts to get very whiny and ugh pitched before her voice starts to break.

"This vacation sucks already," she says asher eyes get red. "I can't even change in my own private space."

"Oh please," Leo snorts at his crying sister. "If you were sharing with Andrew you would be fine."

She stops crying. "I can share with Andrew!"

"No," Mr. Medero says. "You wanted to be alone and I'm not dealing with you being a whiny baby like every trip. Andrew are you fine with Leo in your room?"

"T-that's fine."

"Ok then that's that."

Keanu glares at her brother. "He gets everything." Before she storms off.

"She got what she wanted, I don't understand," Mr. Medero says.

Leo shrugs before walking past me and upstairs.

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