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"Let's go," dad says barging into my room. "You've got to get ready."

"It's six am," I groan when I check the clock.

"Get up." Then he leaves.

It takes me a while to get out of bed and get dressed. It's too early to be wearing such uncomfortably tight pants.

When I make it downstairs, breakfast has been made and sits waiting for me. "Your dad is just getting Nano in the trailer," mom says.

I sit down and eat the eggs and bacon as she talks about politics to me. Something about some bill being passed. "Oh, I also invited the Medero's along because they asked. I think it's nice that they care about this stuff."

My parents really think I'm going to marry Keanu. I was sure of that too.

"Yeah," I say to her.

"Keanu is a lovely girl. I know I say that a lot but I got to know her a ton this summer. Shame Leo will never be out of your life this way." I look at her. "Of course he'll probably disassociate himself from them or end up getting himself killed."

I push my plate away. Somewhere we went from my horse competition to Leo dying and I do not like the thought.

"I'm not hungry," I say walking past her to the front door.

"Andrew, you've got to eat. You have a busy day."

"I'll be fine."

I shut the door behind me before she says anything else and make my way to the stables where dad is.

"Ready to go?" He asks. "It's quite a drive."

"Yeah. I'm ready."

"Okay. Your mom is going up in her own car. She didn't want to go in the truck."

I nod my head.

I take advantage of the long drive and sleep, ignoring all my issues. Now school has come into play but I have a feeling it won't be prioritized the same way. I've made things quite messy for myself by making dumb decisions.

When we arrive at the track, dad leaves to go find an old friend of his who is now an olympic racer. He invited me to meet the guy but in all honesty I don't care. I see other contestants coming with their horses and checking the schedule for events. I decide to go buy a few snacks from the Shoppers Drug-mart. There's literally nothing else around.

Then I sit for a bit under some bleachers at a kids park nearby. I really should be getting ready, however, I really don't want to be.

Keanu: here. where r u?
Andrew: getting ready. busy

Leo: i just saw ur dad, he says u went off somewhere. kea said u were busy i don't believe that
Andrew: i'm eating
Leo: where?

I'm surprised he's even texting me. He's been miserable to me lately.

Andrew: y u even here? u hate this shit
Leo: dunno. where r u tho
Andrew: the field behind the school. it's right nearby

Keanu: i want to wish u good luck
Keanu: where r u
read 9:03am

"What are you doing?" Leo asks sitting next to me with a kit kat bar. "Want it? I just jammed it from shoppers."

I try to hide my snicker. "No it's fine."

"When do you go?"

"At one or something."

He nods his head. "Haven't seen you much."

"Yeah," I say looking down at the grass.

Deep down I always knew I would have to make a choice but I always ignored it. Now it's starting to become apparent that I can't stay friends with Leo if I'm dating Keanu.

Ditching Keanu isn't even an option. I go to school with her and all the other prep kids. They couldn't know about Leo. My parents would find me a huge disappointment. I really can't afford to hang around him. I do stupid things.

There's silence and a breeze.

"It's fine," he mutters. He stands up and tosses the kit kat to me. "Figured you wanted some chocolate but whatever. I get it. My sister gets everything." And he walks away.

The kit kat bar leans on my knee but I don't dare touch it.

It makes me upset knowing I've upset him. I watch him walk away till I can't see him anymore. This is for the better.

Andrew: come join me. i'm at a park under some bleachers:)
Keanu: ok!

Okay and now we need to treat Keanu better.

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