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I wake up to the blinding sun creeping through the blinds and an empty bed.

I sit up rubbing my head before getting up and leaving my room, grabbing my phone in the process.

As I walk downstairs I run my fingers through my hair to brush it. I can smell bacon and I see Keanu and Leo in the kitchen. When I enter the kitchen Talia is sitting at a stool at the counter.

"Morning sunshine." Keanu smiles to me before giving me a peck on the cheek. For a brief moment I feel like I'm 30 and married. "The other four are still asleep. It's nine am though."

"Keanu your fucking burning the bacon," Leo groans shoving her over so her can flip the bacon.

She rolls her eyes and walks over to me. "Been waiting for you to get up."

"Well it is still a little early?" I scratch my head.

"Yeah I guess. I usually get up at ten."

"You waste half your day."

"Okay well I'm not the psychopath that wakes up between six and eight am naturally."

"I have far more productive days then you," Leo says cracking an egg on the counter.

"Yes painting is so productive."

He ignores her so she turns her attention back to me. "What time do we go back today?"

"Not sure," I shrug.

I hear footsteps and we all turn around to see Liv in her bathing suit. "Last day, going for a morning dip."

"Isn't the water chilly?" Keanu asks with her arms wrapped around my neck.

"Refreshing," Liv corrects as she walks into the kitchen. "Anyway, anyone coming? Talia?"

Talia seems against the idea by her facial expression.

"Oh c'mon it's our last day here. It's a nice lake and morning swims are nice. Let's go down to the water go get your suit and maybe wake up the boys. Leo cook me an egg please." Then she walks out the glass doors.

"She thinks the whole world will bow down to her?" Keanu says as she pulls me into the other room. The boys are still somehow asleep on the couch despite the sun.

"So do you, Princess."

"Ooh keep calling me that."

"How about you go eat breakfast and we can go for a swim as well. You barely swam last night."

"Speaking of. My phone is still a piece of crap. 'Water proof' my ass it keeps glitching out I'll have to ask dad for a new one. Can I borrow yours to call him?"


I hand her my phone before I walk back into the kitchen. Talia is gone and it's just Leo.

"You cook?"

"And you don't?"

"Well I neve— I didn't expect you to of liked cooking."

"I don't particularly like it but eating is kind of a part of human survival and I'm not a huge fan of processed shit or Keanu's cooking." He flips and egg before turning around. "Plus nana and I used to bake and shit all the time. Different but same idea."

He's wearing the same grey hoodie and sweatpants as yesterday.

"Can you not cook?"

"Well... no."

He raises an eyebrow. "Okay you're not aloud to make fun of me for not being able to drive. Which actually, I can somewhat drive I just legally can't."

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