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"I can't do this anymore"

The words came out so easily from your mouth.

No hesitation,

Just straightforward.

You looked up at your trainer. He didn't look disappointed, nor angry. It was if he knew you would give up sooner or later.

He didn't say anything and stared at you blankly. You fidgeted in your seat. He always seemed to intimidate you, making him seem cold. But you knew him all too well.

He abruptly stood up from his desk chair, which caused you to jump a bit in your seat. You opened your mouth to speak but he held up his hand, indicating for you to not continue.

He pretended to not hear you. Like you were invisible in his eyes. You couldn't blame him though. You were nervous, but happy with this reaction instead of him cross questioning you.

You wasted your time and his time. You thought, maybe he was relieved, that you finally quited so he could stop training your fatass.

But only if he knew the reason as to why you gave up...


I'm back it ladies and gentlemen. Hope my shysherbaes will love this story.

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