Talab-e-Ishq (1)

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He stood in his room's balcony looking outside deep in his thoughts, light breeze was falling on his face. The mixture of petrichor and coffee's fragrance blooming his surrounding. Taking a sip from his coffee he sighed in content. The only thing which could keep him sain in this condition.

Like diamond can be cut only by diamond, he wanted to cure his addiction from another addiction. But it was just for the time being, he knew it very well. But even if for a second he could feel peace by having seven cups of strong coffee in a row, he will have it without any complaint.

She was the cause of his this condition. She had become his addiction. And only he knew how much wrong he was. He shouldn't have fallen for her. It wasn't right. But no matter how much his brain wanted to convince his heart, his heart was out of his control. It was the first time in the history that the great Daniyal Zaydan Jahangir let his heart control his emotions.

She considered him as a brother, as an inspiration. And here he was engaged in her sinful thoughts.

He was arranged to be engaged in a week now. He don't want to imagine any other girl beside him except her. She was all in his mind, every freaking second of the day and night. Although he has been avoiding her since last one whole year.

Having her in front of his eyes 24/7 wasn't helping his situation.

Sighing dejectedly he turned around and looked at the empty mugs of the coffee. His mother will surely get angry. As if on que Hoor entered his room. Her eyes searched for her only son. She turned towards balcony and a smile decorated her face seeing him standing their facing her but the next second turned into frown when her eyes fell on the number of cups her son has proudly kept on the coffe table.

"Hamne apko kitni dafa kaha hai Dani. Itni coffee na piya kare." Her eyes hardened as she looked away from her son.

"Ma...mai bas..." He started but she beat him to it.

"Mai bas kya Daniyal?" She shouted. No matter only son or not. If she can spoil him, she can control him also.

"Ma. I am sorry na. Ab mai kya karu? Itna acha mausam hai isliye talab hui..." he trailed off earning another glare. What if he was all grown up now? He was still a child in front of his mother.

"Talab??? Mami mai keh raha hu apko...kuch to gadbad hai. Aisi cravings ek ladke ko hona achi baat nahi hai." Daniyal's best friend Ahad entered the room with his useless loud voice.

Hoor smacked his head lightly, earning a loud dramatic wince.

"Tum chup karo." Daniyal pointed at his friend.

"Hawwww." Ahad looked at him as if offened. "Mami dekhe apke bete ko. Apke ek laute "ache" bhanje ko chup rehne ke liye keh raha hai." He said stressing at 'ache' cause he knew he wasn't the only bhanja.

"Bas kardo Ahad. Aate hi shuru ho gaye. Aur ap." She than turned towards her son who was snickering at the insult thrown at Ahad. "Apne daant andar kare. Ham apse raat me baat karege. Or khabardar jo apni Maa se jhoot bola." This made Daniyal to turn down his smile and sigh. He knew he was in trouble now. Her mother won't leave him until she know the the reason behind his acts.


"Daneen! Mere liye coffee bana do." She turned to look at him with a scowl.

"Mai naukar nahi hu apki. Mulazma se keh de." Daniyal raised an eyebrow at her making her gulp.

"Maine kab kaha aisa? Or coffee hi mangi hai na. Kya hua agar bana dongi?"

"Apne manga nahi. Order diya hai. Banda pyar se bol sakta hai." She huffed looking away with a scowl and pouted lips crossing her hands on her chest. His heartbeat increased looking at her expression. How can he control himself when she would look this beautiful?

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