Chapter 3

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"Anong inaarte-arte mo diyan?"

I massaged the side of my head when I pulled Lolita inside the girl's bathroom, puking herself out. I was holding her hair pulled back, while slightly tweaking her hair in annoyance and frustration.

"I can't.." she started to cry, yelping like a puppy. "I have feelings for him.."

I rolled my eyes. "Alam ko, halata naman para kayong tangang dalawa. Why don't you two just talk it out? Say that you like or love him?" I suggested.

"I'm not that dumb to sacrifice our friendship." 

"Hindi pala tanga, edi bahala ka diyan mag-inarte! Gusto mo yata yang ganyan kayo, tikiman lang hanggang sa maumay kayo." 

I don't really get them. They entered a relationship like that not knowing the consequences they might end up with. Mahirap ang walang label, coming from Emeticia the dumber. I cleaned Lolita up and gave her a bottle of water na nakita ko sa ibang table kanina. Kung kanino man ito, sana wala siyang virus or something.

"Are you okay being here?" I asked her while guiding her back to our table where Jaime was sleeping with Duke beside him. Uminom pa nga!

"Yeah, I'm a little sober now," she responded.

I nodded. "Gotta go! I have to check on something,"

"Fling mo? Akala ko ba si Leon from admu?" I hushed her from speaking.

"No! I already ghosted him, sobrang conyo niya."

She chuckled. "Lahat naman gino-ghost mo!"

I  rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue. "At least hindi ako pang free-taste lang."

Before she could speak and throw brittle curses at me, I immediately ran away from her. I scanned the whole place, trying to spy on lying Marcus who's now sitting beside his two jackass friends. Tinuruan pa ngang mag-inom at magwalwal si Maru, the thickness of their faces. I went closer behind them, far enough not to get caught and to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Ilan na nainom mo pre?" tanong noong si Nigel.

"I only had two shots." simpleng sabat ni Maru. Eh, kung sapakin ko kaya siya ng dalawa? How dare he lie to me? I thought he's going to study because he has exams tomorrow.

"I had 7 shots!! Fuck!" sigaw naman ni Jace habang hawak-hawak pa ang isang bote ng tequila.

I sauntered sitting in a chair close to them. "How's the engineering girl?" I heard Nigel asked him.

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