Chapter 31

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"Are you sure you'll be fine there?"

I asked Aya many times, now and then. Narito kami sa airport, ilang araw kong pinag-isipan kung pasasamahin ko pa siya kay Emeticia pabalik ng Pinas. And now, I've decided. 

Gusto ko lang ma-experience niya ang buhay sa Pinas, para na rin may oras akong makapagisip-isip mag-isa. The squad is all here as well, Lolita and Duke we're also going back home as well as Jaime and Phyra.

"Yes, Tita! I'm so excited to meet Daddy!" she jumped out of happiness, holding the picture of my classmate in college.

I saw how grimaced Lolita was looking at the picture. "Who the hell is that?" she whispered through my ear.

I rolled my eyes. "Don't judge, okay? That's Simon, an athlete when I was in college."

"Emeticia didn't know--" 

I shushed her. "Yes! Huwag kang maingay, she thinks that's Nigel. She never met him before so shut the hell up," I quickly explained.

She remained jaw dropped even when they boarded. I threw a flying kiss at them, especially to Aya. They all don't know about Nigel and me, ako lang at si Cj ang may kilala sakanya. 

I heavily sighed and was about to turn my back when someone covered my eyes and kissed my neck. I pursed my lips, restraining to smile wide. Humarap ako at hinigit ang bewang niya.

"Akala mo ata hindi kita makikila, ano?" I proudly told Cj, who's now smiling.

He chuckled. "I miss being alone with you,"

"Well, mister." I pouted and planted kisses. "We're alone, tara Netflix pre."

He laughed right away and intertwined our hands and walked together to get back to my apartment. We decided to grab a grocery together, so we went to the nearest supermarket here.

I pulled out one grocery cart and took some cereals, and snacks. I also took frozen foods and pastas. Kukuha na sana ako ng chocolate nang may maalala, I remembered him. Those times that we used to buy his groceries.

"Are you okay?" Cj asked me when I was staring at the chocolates for quite long.

I nodded and flashed a smile. "Y-Yeah, I just remembered Aya. I missed her already," 

Cj put his arm around my waist to pulled me closer, I felt secured and unharmed when I was with him, it's like I found myself again. He found and took care of my lost broken soul, he tried to regain my strength and mend it before putting me back in pieces again.

"What if you haven't had found the person you're waiting and looking for after few more years? Mags-stay ka pa ba sakin?" I asked him, out of the blue.

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