Chapter 40

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"Don't pity look at me, Nigel."

He clenched his jaw. "Since when did you knew about it?"

I looked at him, sadly. To be honest, I've been a brave person all through my life, pero ngayon lang ako nanghihina sa mga titig niya. 

"A week after I got here in the Philippines,"

He licked his lips and bit them, frustrated. "Why? What happened? Is it an eye disease?"

"I've been experiencing bad headaches and eye pains, for a while these past two years but I didn't pay attention to it. My doctor diagnosed me with primary angle-closure glaucoma, three weeks ago." I explained.

He gulped. "Let me see,"


"Gusto kong makita, Adrianna." he pleaded that made my heart fell.

I took my small mirror from my bag and take off my contact lenses. I was kind of nervous because only Cj knows about it. My doctor said glaucoma cannot be cured, but it can be controlled, that there's still a chance for me not to be blind as time pass by.

As he saw my real eyes, he can see the difference. Not totally different because in my case glaucoma can be seen only in some portion of my eyes. I saw how his emotion changed, he seems worried.

"Have you been treating it? Eye drops? Laser surgery?" he seemed really worried.

Tumango naman ako. "I've been using eye drops prescripted by my doctor. Foods like baked goods such as cookies, cakes, donuts, or fried items like French fries that I ate worsen the pressure in my eyes."

He looked me in the eye. "Are you scared?"

"Yes," I genuinely smile. "But I am preparing myself so, if this worsens or if anything bad happens. I can finally accept it,"

He pulled my hand, and that's when I felt his warm hug, wrapping all around me. Hindi ko na mapigilang umiyak, crying is not a good idea knowing that I have glaucoma but I couldn't just stop, I am terrified of what may happen.

"Shh," he hushed me, caressing my head. "Sasamahan kita sa lahat ng doctor appointments mo, lahat ng surgery gagawin natin, lahat ng gamot. Tahan na,"

I pursed my lips, restraining not to cry. "N-Not being able to see Aya when she grows up, terrifies me."

"You'll see her grow in a beautiful and smart woman, I assure you that." he whispered and kissed me on the lips. 

I did not whine about it, his tender and soft kisses calm me. The way he moved his lips around mine, ease my doubts. He held my waist for support as I wrapped my arms around him until both of us pulled away from our kiss, smiling at each other.

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