Chapter 1

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"You see that guy? He's the richest man inside this club, I suspect,"

I pointed to Emet the man with hooded brown eyes, aristocrat nose, thin kissable lips, broad shoulders, thick eyebrows, and most noticeable, his black mole under his left eye. I grinned, I really had a 20/20 vision for handsomes. Yes, he's insanely handsome and I like him, he could be my boyfriend if I want to. I like bad boys after all.

"The usual Adrianna," Jaime muttered. "Likes a man who throws money and pampers her,"

I rolled my eyes to him, particularly not agreeing. "Says the man who fantasized the Marquessa of England."

He fired back by rolling his eyes at me. I smiled, never pa talaga siya nanalo sakin. We're here at the bar, finally got out as a plastic group with my best friend Emeticia. Damn, this girl is a heavy drinker. I scanned the whole place, I love partying--oh! Scratch that, the party loves me. I faced Emeticia, she looks comfortable with my plastic friends I introduced her, she seems to enjoy, I think?

"What are you're planning after college?" Duke asked me.

"Party in L.A?" I shrugged. "I don't know,"

Honesty, I really don't know. My plans aren't about what career I should get but what do I want to do in my life. It's my choice, but I'm not the one who will voice out. I heavily signed, my parents wouldn't agree.

"As if your parents and your sisters will allow you," Jaime muttered, sarcastically. He's right after all.

"Just live the life, will you?" inis na sambit ko at dumiretso sa dance floor nang marinig ang paboritong kanta.

I swayed my hips sideways, as I traveled my hands on my whole body, seductively. My snake skin printed tube bodycon dress hugged my body, perfectly. I run my fingers through my hair while putting my other hand on my chest, giving a clear view of its size while I walked towards the table of the handsome man earlier, looking at him eye to eye.

"Ohh!" kantyaw ng mga kaibigan niya. "Marcus is getting a woman tonight,"

I heard loud teases from side to side as I sway my hips and sat on his lap. I looked at the man into his eyes, my brows furrowed when I felt his hands shook, is he trembling? I shrugged because I don't want to be turned off. I put his hands on my waist up to my chest, whispered my name on his ears, and simply bite it. His group laughed and teased us with a loud noise, but the man in front of me stiffened, and some shed of his sweat falls on the side of his face. 

"P-Pasensya na po," he uttered, nervously and pushed me which made me sat on the ground.

He runs away. Leaving me on the fucking ground with my dress ruined! I gasped, really really annoyed. Did he just reject me? I pursed my lips, no one rejects Abi! No man can't resist me! I annoyingly stood up and fixed my dress, harshly. Kita ko pa ang ilang mga mata saakin. Call me malandi, but I don't care. Your opinion is yours, you can't feed me with your insults.

"Damn that. She's a catch!" I heard one of his friends said, the one with the hooded brown eyes.

"Hey, mind continuing your performance on me?" his chinito but moreno friend offered.

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