Chapter 8

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"Ang galing mo pumili ng bread, this one's my fave."

I was munching the bread he bought me while he's eating the noodles I ask Racie to cook for him. Allyson didn't join us for the breakfast while Mama's still sleeping, she barely eats, talks and I'm starting to get worried.

"I saw that on your IG post," 

I gasped for air, narrowing my eyes on him. "What a stalker you are! You've defeated Leon for being the best stalker of the year, huh."

His brows furrowed. "Who's Leon?"

"One of my exes." I sipped onto the coffee he bought me. "Alam mo sa lahat ng mga ex ko, siya ang pinaka-obsessed sakin. He even harassed me before!"

"You should be careful, then" he suggested while eating his noodles and the toasted bread I made him.

I smiled. "Siya ang mag-ingat sakin, I know jui-jitsu."

Nang matapos na kami kumain, nagpaalam na ako kay Mama sa taas na maggo-grocery lang sa may QC. I left Racie all the dishes because she's on duty for this day on washing the plates. I left her a spare key to my room, in case she needed a cloth or anything. Para rin hindi na sila mag-away pa ng kapatid ko.

Nigel and I agreed to use my car this time for our grocery shopping. Kakapa-gas ko palang naman nito nung isang araw, so it's clear throughout the day. We first went to S&R to buy all the things we needed at home. We took 2 big carts for each of us.

"Gusto mo tulungan na kita diyan? Mukhang hirap na hirap kang mamili ng napkin eh," natatawang sambit ko.

He put his hand behind his nape, ashamed I guess. "Yeah, my sister asked me to buy her these. Hindi ko naman ma-gets ang pinagkaiba nila,"

"This one is for the heavy night," I put two packs in his cart. "Ito naman para sa light days, at ito kapag walang-wala na," I put two pieces on every pad.

He nodded while capturing the napkins I explained to him and saw him sent them to her sister. I wish I had a brother like him, sobrang caring. Swerte ng magiging girlfriend nito.

I took few chips to eat at midnight, put some ice cream, chocolates and biscuits, I took half a kilo of meat, chicken, bacon, beef, and 1 kilo of hotdogs. Marami pa akong kinuha dahil isa ito sa mga listahan ni Manang na kailangan ko daw bilhin. Papa sent me money through my account yesterday for the house's needs.

"Why do you need lots of alcohol?" I asked him when I saw him picking some on the liquors section.

"Just incase I feel so to drink, wala akong kasama sa bahay. Nakakaboring," he responded and put two bottles of Jack Daniels, three of Chianti from Rocca brand, two Black Label, and lastly one John Jameson Whiskey.

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