Chapter 7

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"Annika! What happened?!"

As expected, Maru immediately went through the water and save her princess. How I hate Disneys. When Annika got out from the water she was eager to engaged a fight with me, but Marcus stopped her.

"You bitch! She pushed me, Luie!!" she accused me, kaya natawa nalang ako.

I saw Marcus' stared at me, like thinking I did this. I saw everyone looking at me like I really did this. I'm not childish as they all are thinking right now. I looked at Maru, gazing at him like trying to communicate that this isn't my fault, but he just looked at me with disappointment.

Okay, the villain will speak now.

"Ikaw 'tong humila sa damit ko, kaya umiwas ako, tapos ako ang sisisihin mo na nahulog ka sa pool, dahil tinulak kita? Sana okay ka lang sis," I told her with sarcasm.

"Don't sis me, you're not my sis," she rolled her eyes on me.

I tightened my jaw in fury. "Then don't accuse me, you're not a police,"

I walked out from everyone, they're all bullshitting. Did they believe that? Of course, they will believe an acting princess. Great damnit! I don't have my car with me! I took out my phone and tried to call Allyson but she wasn't picking up. 

"Fuck my life!!" inis na sigaw ko sa kawalan.

"Ihahatid na kita," I heard Nigel's voice so I shook my head.

I heavily sighed. "Maga-grab nalang ako,"

"Delikado, anong oras na. Come on, I'm the one who drove you here, ako din magbabalik sa'yo." he explained very well, so I didn't refuse since it's almost 12 midnight.

Sasakay na sana kami sa kotse niya nang may tumawag sa pangalan ko. That voice. Marcus's voice irritates me now. I hate how he believed Annika without asking me if I really did it. Yes, I said something that made her do that, but she came to me first acting concerned but she was there to annoy and tease me on how she kissed Maru.

"Abi, let's talk." he said.

"Gabi na, uuwi na ako. Ipagpabukas mo nalang 'yan." I entered Nigel's car and put on my seatbelts.

He moved closer. "Abi,"

"I ruined your party, I know! She accused me, yes! Pero 'yung maniwala ka without asking me? That's a total bullsh--" he interrupted me.

"I believe you." natigilan ako sa sinabi niya.

"Uuwi na ako," I closed the car's window for him not to speak anymore. 

Nigel told Maru that he's just going to send me home. The drive was silent and no one of us was speaking. Nigel never tried to open up the topic. Maybe he knows that it's a little sensitive topic for me, but I'm not that kind of girl.

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