Chapter 30

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"Aya! Don't run in the staircase!!"

Emeticia shouted from upstairs. Napa-iling nalang ako, Aya's been really a headache for the both of us, especially to Emet. It's her 5th birthday today, and we're throwing some parties here in the apartment. Just some intimate party, just me and the squad.

"Sumasakit na ang ulo ko sa anak mo, Abi." bulong ni Emeticia sakin.

I hushed her. "Shut up! Baka marinig ka,"

I faced Emeticia, she really looked exhausted with her hair in a messy bun, her oversized gray t-shirt with her white pajamas. Mas mukha pa siyang nanay sakin. I took my phone and activated my Facebook after long years.

"Hey, Emet!" I shouted, calling her attention to who's fixing the sink. 

"Ano!" pagalit na sigaw nito kaya natawa naman ako.

I walked towards her. "Buntis ka ba? Bakit galit na galit ka, teh?" biro ko.

"I-I'm just stressed out," she pulled her hair, irritably. "My dad needs me to go back to the Philippines, the company I mean, was actually the one who needs me."

I smiled at her, with teasing eyes. "So? What's stopping you from going?"

"Stop that look," she rolled her eyes. "Umalis ako para hindi na bumalik."

I nodded, I know that it's been three years since we both stop crying at night. Those 2 years of our lives were miserable, I gave birth when we don't have that much money, if Cj hadn't paid for my bills, I might not be able to go home. I was depressed, to the point that I wanted to end my life.

Emeticia got fired multiple times for bringing a flask of vodka to her work, and mostly, she goes to work and went home drunk. Those 2 years had been so tough, I haven't moved on when my other baby died until now, I'm still angry at myself and him.

"Are you ready, Aya?" I asked her when I already changed her clothes from a pink summer dress.

She smilingly nodded from ear to ear. "Yes, Tita!"

I released a weak smile. Hearing her call me tita, was the worst word I've been hearing from these few years in my life. I did not think that it was a mistake, it was a good decision. Because before then, I wasn't ready until now. 

I can't be her mother, not the way Emeticia was doing right now. She's good at it. I caressed her face, smiling. Aya got his eyes, brown and unreadable. Her thin red lips, her nose and her even her long lashes. 

"Take care of your hair, okay?" I whispered to her when I started to combed the loose curls of her hair. 

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