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"Buntis ako,"

I was holding my grip so tight in the sink as I said those words I wished never came out of my mouth. Nahihiya ako, natatakot at nagagalit sa sarili. I did this, I did this to myself. There was no right word for how embarrassed I am now.

"I'm sorry," I whispered while gently sobbing.

She smiled as she wiped her tears same as mine. "We will be okay, maghe-heal tayo sa lahat nang nagyari, Abi."

I hugged Emeticia as we both cried in pain while sitting inside this plane to Spain. "I can't believe they did to us,"

"They did." Emeticia laughed, but tears won't stop falling from her face. 

I caressed my tummy's little bump. "H-How will I say this, p-paano na kami?"

"I'm here, Abi. Hindi naman kita iiwan, we will take care of your baby." pagpapagaan niya sa loob ko.

It's been only 3 hours of flight, pero hindi parin ako makatulog. Emeticia was asleep from all those soft crying, she was wrecked, she was tired like me. We still have 16 hours to go until we reached Madrid. 

I stared at the sky beside me, I can't believe I'm going to the best place I know but I'm here without the person I want to be with the most. Mabuti pa ang langit, tahimik, maganda at makulay. How each color blends into the sky were definitely mesmerizing.

"Bakit hindi ka nagna-nap?" Emeticia grunted when she saw me still awake. 

I heavily sighed. "I can't sleep, I left everything and everyone."

"Huwag mo nang pagsisihan, I also left everyone to pick myself. It is better to always pick yourself when needed," she whispered and hugged me. "Sleep now."

I opened my phone when I received a message earlier before we even get inside the plane. I opened it, it was from an unknown number but I know it was from him. I started crying again, as I read his Imessage for me.

Unknown number 

Come back to me when you're ready, please.

I turned off my phone and begun to cried again until I fall asleep. Nagising nalang ako nang magstop over kami, but Emeticia insisted for me to sleep again. When we landed in Madrid, I don't know but I smiled. I reached all of my stuff, this a new life for me and my baby.

"This is our new journey, wala tayong gaanoong pera, so..tulungan?" Emeticia faced me with all the uncertainty on her face.

I smiled a little to ease my nerves. I nodded as a response, we rented an apartment that suits our taste and fitted our budget. That unknown number was still calling me back and forth, I would always reject it but this time I blocked his number. I don't wanna talk to anyone else aside from Emet.

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