Chapter 39

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"I love this beach, men!"

I shouted as we've reached the beach resort. The beach was astounding and fascinating. There were also pools for kids and for adults for night swimming, the restaurant for breakfast looks appetizing.

"You've never been here?" I heard Nigel asked beside me.

I shook my head, facing him. "Nope. May mga magagandang beaches naman din sa Span pero hindi kasing ganda ng sa Pinas. This is breath-taking,"

"You are breath-taking," 

Awkward ko siyang tinignan at umiwas ng tingin. Everyone was inside their respective rooms and since my friends are ungrateful asses, they did buy me a room, for the both of us. 

At kanina ko pang pinang-lalakihan ng mata ang receptionist para magmaka-awa sakanya na sana may room pa, but from my hunch, they planned this. 

"There's no harm being in one room, Adrianna." pretending to be nice.

I bit my lips, heavily sighing. "Fine, but please can I get one extra bed?"

"There's no extra bed left, ma'am. I am deeply sorry," the receptionist said.

I knew it, every time that I am meeting her gaze, she'll look away, like she's scared to get caught. My friends freaking planned this, they bought her silence. Great.

Wala na akong nagawa kundi ang sumama kay Nigel papunta sa room namin. I scattered all of my clothes to put inside a small cabinet. Nagtatalo pa nga kami sa kung saang side ang sakanya.

"Dito nga ako, Nigel. Ano ba!" inis na sambit ko.

He pushes my clothes. "I like the right side,"

"I don't care! I want this side." I kept insisting and pushing his clothes to the other side.

"Fine, para kang bata." he murmured, putting his clothes on the left side.

I chuckled, sarcastically. "Wow, ha. Ang mature mo sobra,"

While Nigel went to the bathroom to get a quick shower before getting ready for a swim. I ran through my clothes to find an appropriate bikini that can highlight the curves of my body.

I found a yellow bikini. Hindi na ako nag-atubiling maghintay pa upang matapos si Nigel sa banyo, kaya naman naghubad na ako at isinuot ang bikini. I stared at the mirror when I noticed someone staring.

"Oh, kanina ka pa?" I asked when he was staring for a long time.

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