Chapter 25

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"It's Allyson's birthday!"

It's been a week and today is Allyson's 27th birthday. She was already has been moved to a private room when she woke up last week and now, we're celebrating her birthday. Mom's been okay lately, I guess she recovered from stress and depression.

I was fixing all of the foods and things were taking to the hospital to celebrate. Nag-withdraw muna rin ako dahil kailangan ko na ulit magbayad sa hospital bills ni Allyson, may ipon pa naman si Papa. When he died, all of his cards went to me and I also have savings as well as my mom, in case if we run out of money.

"Hindi parin ba makakauwi si Allyson?" tanong ni Racie.

Umiling naman ako. "The doctor said she must be still confined because they're still examining her and she'll have bone marrow transplant since her chemo's done."

"When she will be operated?" tanong niya, hindi ko alam pero bakit parang ang putla ni ngayon.

"Tomorrow's the schedule," sambit ko.

I knew there's something's off with her right now, I just don't have proof yet. Nang maka-alis siya para ayusin ang mga handa na dadalhin namin sa ospital, ay kaagad akong nag-punta sa kwarto niya rito sa bahay.

Her room's tidy and clean. When I saw her cabinets, I went through her stuff. I know something's really off at hindi ako tanga para hindi 'yun mapansin. Naghanap ako sa cabinet niya pero wala kaya naman nagpunta ako para maghanap sa bag niya sana nang pumasok naman siya sa kwarto.

"Anong ginagawa mo dito?" nagtatakang tanong niya.

I gasped for air. "W-Wala, I was just looking for a lip gloss. Naubusan na kasi ako,"

"Here," she went to her other cabinet with a key and took her lip gloss. "Just please, give it back to me. Paborito ko 'yan,"

Ngumiti naman ako. "Okay! Thanks!"

Malungkot akong lumabas ng kwarto. That's it! I was really close to finding what's she's been hiding. Napailing nalang at ngumiti, I shouldn't be going through her stuff. Bumaba na ako at nag-ayos.

I saw Nigel sitting on the wooden porch in our garden. He looks different, it's like he's thinking of something deep. I was just watching him, staring at him and how this little scene makes my heart flutter.

"Hi." I said when I went to him and sat beside him. "What are you deeply thinking?"

He gave me a faint smile. "Just stuff,"

"Stuffs you don't wanna share with me? Perhaps that's secrets? Come on spill," I engaged him.

I was stunned when he rests his head on my shoulder. "Honestly? I was thinking about you."

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