Chapter 20

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"Mama, ayoko nga siyang kausapin."

Mom's here inside my room trying to force me to visit and talk to Allyson. Ayoko, they knew how prideful I am. I'm not going to say sorry, she should be. She is so rude towards my boyfriend, and I can't just don't do something about her attitude.

"This will be her last trial for chemo, you should at least visit her before she went in," she keeps saying for almost an hour.

I rolled my eyes. "Mama please! Don't force me to do something I don't want."

"I am not forcing, I am reminding you." I felt her kissed my head. "I saw how sorry she was when you left the hospital, I'm sure she didn't mean that."

"Just go, Ma. I'm not in the mood to talk to someone."

My mom left me in my room, so I stood up and went inside the bathroom. I have classes today, even though I'm so eagerly not to attend one. My mind is really distracted, with Allyson, with my punishment, with Marcus and with Nigel.

As much as I want to avoid them all, I just couldn't. Lalong-lalo na si Nigel na paglabas palang ng bahay namin, siya na ang bubungad sa umaga ko. I've been really distancing myself from him, I mean being a little discreet and not totally distancing myself from him.

"Hey," bati ko na parang walang nangyari.

He gave me a small smile. "Sabay ka na?"

Great. I was about to commute because I needed to think and here he is, offering a ride. Fuck. Wala na akong nagawa dahil nag-offer na siya eh, alangan namang takbuhan ko pa. I know he would ask why I'm not using my car.

"Bakit hindi mo gamit ang kotse mo?" like now, he's asking it the moment I entered his car.

I smiled at him, fake ones. "I want to explore the streets!" kinakabahang sambit ko.

"You hate polluted areas, Abi." 

I made my brows wrinkled. "Bawal ba magbago?"

"You're weird," he noticed.

I heavily signed. "Because you're making me.."

Another set of silence surrounded us, and the sound of the car and horns was the only audible. Tila nakikisama ang traffic sa sobrang awkward namin dito sa loob. Bakit pa ba kasi ako sumabay sakanya?

I saw him gulped and was about to say something when I stopped him. "D-Don't say something! It will make us more awkward, I-I am starting to love Maru and I-I can't do this. That was nothing!" my chest was breathing so fast.

"That wasn't nothing, Abi. Not for me," he whispered and drove straight when the traffic passed.

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