Chapter 15

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"Shit, Nigel!! Illegal dito. We can go to jail, you dumbass!!"

I was shouting quietly and punching his arm. We are here at some private farm in makati, illegally trespassing. Kanina pa akong kabang-kaba dahil kapag nahuli kami, makukulong kami. Legit, I don't wanna be arrested. My father will be disgusted with me.

"Bakit ka pa sumama? Ang arte-arte mo naman," he whispered to me and took off my hands who was tugging his shirt.

I snorted. "Wow, ha?! Sino kay 'yung nag-iinarte at gini-guilty ako para lang sumama?"

He puts his hand on my mouth, to shut me up because guards were roaming. Ipinagdasal ko sa poong my kapal na sana hindi kami mahuli sa kasalanang ito. We're tiptoeing to go inside but there were fences. 

I was stunned when Nigel held my waist and carried me up to cross to the other side. Nang makababa ako, I was about to offer my hand on helping him to quickly cross over but he briefly managed to climb himself up.

"Now, what?" I nervously said, I know I have a bad attitude but I don't do illegal things like what I am forcefully doing right now. 

He smiled. "This is the best part," 

Naguguluhan naman akong tumingin sakanya at nagulat pa ng bahagya nang hawakan niya ang kamay ko. Shit! Someone is following us! Fuck! Hawak-hawak ni Nigel ang kamay ko habang sabay kaming tumatakbo papasok sa farm.

"Stop! This is a private property!!" sigaw ng isa sa mga guard na humahabol saamin.

Nigel pulled me close and put his hand over my head, for me not to bump in a block of cement when we went under a small bridge of a river. Great! I'm now drenched and super pissed of on him. He's not thinking? We could get shot by a freaking gun right now.

"Are you fuck--" he stopped me by almost kissing my lips when he moved closer for us to fit under this small bridge.

I turned to another direction, dahil legit na konti nalang maghahalikan na kami. "Shh, they're still here."

"And we're gonna die!!" inis na mahinang sambit ko sakanya.

He gently giggled, making my heart jumped a little. "You're missing the fun, Abi." he whispered so I pushed him a little because he's giving me chills.

"I swear to God. I wanted to kill you right now." gigil na sambit ko sakanya.

He held my hand again when he stood up helping me out of the water. Basang-basa na ang puti kong doll dress, yes stupidly, I wore a white freaking dress because I thought he'd be bringing me somewhere peaceful.

"Pagod na ako," I told him and stopped resting both my hands on my knees.

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