Chapter 4

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"He has a crush?"

Gulat parin ako sa nalaman. "Bakit ikaw lang  ba pwede magkaroon ng crush?"

"I can't believe it!" hindi parin makapaniwalang bulaslas ko. "She's.."

" damn beautiful, I know." dagdag ni Nigel sa tabi ko.

I rolled my eyes at him. "I was supposed to say ugly?"

Inakbayan niya naman ako kaya sa inis ko tinulak ko siya palayo. "Feeling close ka?"

He chuckled but I didn't mind him. I was busy staring at Marcus and that girl who's with her. I watched her as she moves. She's so modest, her hair was short, just above her shoulders. She was wearing black nike shorts and a green and white jersey. Oh, a volleyball player it is. I saw a 'Reyes' surname and the number at the back of her jersey, 11.

"What's her name?" I asked the man beside me.

"Annika Reyes, ang galing niyang mag-volleyball. Sobra." dagdag nito at prenteng umupo sa field.

Umirap ako sa kawalan. "I just asked her name, you know?"

"Bakit ba galit na galit ka? Ang ganda niya kaya," he insisted.

"Pwede paki-hanap ng paki ko?"

Iniwanan ko na siya at pinuntahan si Marcus. I fixed myself first and sprayed another layer of my perfume for Annika to die from my fragrant smell. Singhutin niya lahat. I took my bun and let my wavy hair danced while I walk. I wore my perfect fake smile, but you won't know that it's fake because I'm so good at hiding. 

"Hi, Marcus!" maarteng sambit ko. Rinig ko pa ang hagikhik ni Nigel sa likod ko.

"Abi," he stated my name like it's nothing. Nainis ako lalo.

"Hello, I'm Annika." 

"I didn't ask?" I looked at her from head to toe, before flashing a fake smile and faced Maru. "By the way, I'll text you the address for tomorrow night, okay?"

Kita ko ang bahagyang pagsimangot ni Marcus, maybe because of what I said to her crush. Nigel was still laughing beside me. Parang tanga talaga 'to. I looked at Annika before giving Marcus a kiss on his cheek that made her mouth in awe. I saw how Marcus' ears turn a little red. 

"Pota hindi ko na kaya!" Nigel burst into laughter while holding his tummy.

I smiled sweetly and wave goodbye. "Ciao,"

I went home after that, called Lolita to accompany me to shop for my dress tomorrow night. I wanna look good in Marcus' eyes. Lolita and I decided to meet at the mall, so I took a fast shower. I wore my black jeans and knitted white crop top and wearing my leopard print baguette bag. I sprayed a little perfume and put on my dainty necklace.

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