Chapter 18

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"Happy New Year, Abi."

I heavily sighed and smiled at Marcus. "Happy New Year-ish." 

It's been almost two weeks, and we're still in the hospital. Allyson is still in hospital, she refuses to do chemo, and all of us we're trying so hard to make her do it. But, we just can't and we're running out of options. 

Hence, she's been taking medicine to lessen the pain she's feeling almost every day. Marcus has been with me almost every day also, and I can say he's been a supportive and a good boyfriend to me, for which I am very thankful.

"Thank you for being here," I held his hand tight. "For bringing me food, clothes, and everything I need."

"Ang ganda, talino at bait kasi ng girlfriend ko," he gave me a small smile. 

I pouted. "Hindi sexy?"

"Sexy din, cola-cola body pa." pagpapagaan niya ng loob sakin kaya naman natawa din ako.

I laughed at what he said. "Tuwang-tuwa ka naman na ang ganda, talino at sexy ng girlfriend mo,"

"Best wish that ever comes true," he whispered while looking into my face.

I smiled at him. While I leaned my head on him, facing Allyson who was sleeping. Even when she's sleeping, I can see her pain. Marcus gently grabbed my chin for me to face him, he smiled at me like he was telling me everything's gonna be fine.

"Kaya mo 'yan," I closed my eyes as he caressed my cheeks. "Ikaw si Adrianna Bienvida Montenegro, walang hindi mo nakakaya." he assured me.

I smiled at him. "Sipsip ka talaga, ano?" biro ko upang mawala ang atensyon sa kapatid.

His chuckle filled the room. "Konti lang,"

Maru and I spend our whole New Year inside this hospital with my family and Nigel. Pinipilit kong umuwi si Marcus sakanila pero sabi niya after nalang daw ng bagong taon. I asked him if her mother knew that he's with us, he said yes so I never doubted him.

But then, I saw him outside Allyson's room. He's arguing with Nigel which I don't know why. Hindi ko masyadong naintindihan ang mga sinasabi nila dahil nasa labas sila ng kwarto at kaming pamilya kasama si Papa ay nasa loob kumakain, ipinagsa-walang bahala ko nalang.

We did order food for tonight's celebration.

"Papa, kailan ka babalik sa trabaho?" I asked him when he was eating his palabok, his fave.

He faced me and shook his head. "I'm sorry, pero hindi ako magtatagal. I need to go back early tomorrow." he explained.

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