Chapter 5

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"You should go home," 

I heard him whispered in my ear. I just closed my eyes, hindi pa ako lasing alam ko 'yun. Hindi ko pa nauubos ang isang bote ng Jack so, wala pa. And I can still see him, clearly and smell his perfume. Ang bango niya talaga.

I fixed my dress and stood up straight, holding my bag. I need to go to the bathroom. I felt that he's following me, but I didn't mind. Naiihi na talaga ako. I asked for directions from every person that I can go through with, but they didn't know as well.

"Halika ka nga," he pulled my wrist, oh right, he knows every corner of his girlfriend's house.

I took back my hand from him. "Kaya ko na!" 

He stepped backward. Natakot ata. "O-Okay, I'm just making sure.."

"No. need." mariing sambit ko saka dumiretso sa banyo.

I took off my hair tie and washed my face in cold water. I also damped it with tissue so I won't look drenched when I go outside. I put on a little blush and glossy lip balm to make my lips kissable and shiny, even though it is already kissable and shiny without it. Nang makalabas ako, nandon parin si Marcus kung saan ko siya iniwan. 

"Why are you waiting for me? I don't need you here, go to your girlfriend." annoyed, I said.

"I'm going to pee," aniya kaya naman napanganga ako sa hiya. 

I rolled my eyes, to ease my embarrassment. "O-Okay fine!"

"a-and.." he stopped, like trying to restrain himself from speaking. 

"Ano?!" sigaw ko dahil kanina pa ako hiyang-hiya.

I saw him gulped. "She's not my girlfriend,"

"Who else then?" hamon ko kunwari para malaman kung may girlfriend nga ba siya o wala. 

"I have no girlfriend."

I swear, I tried my very best not to smile but I just couldn't handle it. I'm so happy when he said it. I played my tongue circled inside my mouth, trying to hide my urging wide smile. I don't want him to know that he's my ultimate crush.

"That's, good.." tanging sambit ko.

"Is it?" did I saw him smile? He did smile, but it was so fast that I couldn't even saw it properly.

I nodded. "Oo, para focus ka lang sa pag-aaral mo, sa football at sa pamilya mo. Having a girlfriend is just a waste of time and also a distraction in achieving your goals." I excused.

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