Chapter three

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The school day ended and I impatiently waited by my car for Azael. I was sure he had his own car but how else would he get to my house?

I pulled my burgundy hoodie sleeves further down to fully submerge my hands in it and wrapped my arms around myself as a cold wind brushed past me. I leaned against my car. Why did I decide to wear shorts and why was he taking so long?

5 minutes later I saw a tall figure submerge from the glass doors of the school. Azael walked towards me with his hands in his pockets. His black-brown hair sitting messily on his head.

"What are you doing?" He asked as he furrowed his brows and stepped towards me.

"....waiting for you?" I replied. What else does he think I would have been doing?

"Obviously. Why aren't you in your car? It's freezing?" He stated as he pulled out BMWs keys from his pocket and straightened his arm towards a black BMW. Clicking the button to unlock it.

That was a really good point. "I'm not cold."

He droped his arm and stared at me, assessing me from head to toe.

"Your cheeks and nose are red. Your trying to get warmth by wrapping your arms around yourself. And you've got goose bumps on your legs."

I looked down to my legs. It appeared I had.

"Shut up." I say as I pushed off of the car and opened the drivers seat door. I'd known him for a day and he was infuriating.

He had a small grin on his face as he walked towards his car. I rolled down my window."what are you doing?" I called to him.

"Getting in my car." No shit Sherlock.

"Why are you getting in your car? We're going to my house?" I question.

"I'll trail you dipshit." He called back.

Why wasn't I thinking of these things?

I pulled out of the parking lot and began to head home, double checking my wind mirror to see if he was following me. He was.


"Welcome." I said, no emotion in my voice, as I opened the door to my house and dumped my plain, grey bag on the floor, it skidded until it hit a chair. He probably would find my house disgusting considering how rich he seemed. The only thing I had in my house that made it look even remotely rich was the marble floors. Not that I cared what his opinion was in the first place.

"Ria!" I heard a young voice call as a small body latched itself around my waist.

"Hey, El," I said as I picked him up and kissed his forehead.

I held him for a moment before putting him down.

He stumbled back a bit before tilting his head right back to look at Az,"Who's he?" He asked, still staring at Azael as he pointed at him.

I turn to Azael, a ghost of a smile on his lips, and, sadness? "This is Azael, Azael this is Elliot."

It shocked me as Azael bent down, resting his forearms on his thighs so he was almost at Elliots eye level. He was being so...kind? Sincere? He hadn't spoke a word to Elliot but just by his actions I was confused. Did he have a younger brother? I'd have to ask him that later.

He brought his hand out that was previously in his pocket and put it before him and my brother."Nice to meet you, Elliot." He smiled, a real smile.

Naturally, Elliot pushed past his hand and gave him a big hug, Az hesitated for a second before slightly, gently, hugging him back.

"Lets go work on this project, then." I spoke."My rooms just down here." We had three bedrooms in our house. Two upstairs for my parents—even though my mother only used it as my father was always away at work—and for Elliot, and one downstairs for me. I was happy to take the down stairs bedroom when we first moved here, due to the large window I had that could be opened, I could use it for multiple purposes. It was practically a door, meaning I could leave to star gaze any time I wanted.

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