Chapter fourteen

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Okay firstly I honestly really appreciate how understanding you all are, I get really stressed out and anxious if I don't post chapters on time but it's hard because I have loads of ideas for this story but I'm struggling to write it. I'm not going to be one of those authors who takes weeks to post one chapter (no judge to them I just personally wouldn't do that) but sometimes I may post late, I write everyday for this story it's just the matter of how much I write and if I have to force myself to write the stuff I come up with is really shitty and I become really unimpressed with myself. Sorry for the rant I just had to say it, thank you all again for being so understanding, honestly it means so much to me for those of you supporting me and defending me in the comments, I read every single one of them


I woke up from my nap on Sunday evening and squinted my eyes as I looked out of the window. Stars were starting to bloom in the sky next to the ripe moon.

My head felt blended, truly and utterly blended and my eyes felt strained from the large amount of alcohol I had decided to consume—by myself—the night before and that morning.

I groaned at the pain throbbing through my head pounding at my skin, at my eyes, I always forgot how the downsides of drinking far outweighed the benefits.

I then groaned again, as I finally realised and registered that it was Sunday and how Valerian had none stop messaged me about how we had planned to go out, the boy was really asking the get blocked again at this point. First it was about if I definitely knew what day we were going. I said yes. Then it was 'it's just use two, right?' I said yes. And then he decided to change where we were going, I tried to protest until he mentioned the movies which I agreed to due to that lack of talking that would go on.

I knew that having a conversation with Valerian that consisted of more then 5 minutes would cause the throbbing in my head to turn into a pounding on my skull.

I wrapped a dark grey, silk blanket around myself that I pulled from my bed—hoping to conserve my warmth—and trudged to my bedroom mirror.

I was a mess. My dark hair was in matts atop my head—due to the tossing and turning I had taken part in, in my sleep—and mascara residue was dried on my face, flaking off ever so slightly.

I let the blanket drop, felt at it slid over the skin on my body and watched it pooled neatly at my feet, like a lake of silver water. I looked at my reflection.

I hated her, everything about her. I hated her imperfect skin on her arms, I hated the way she smiled and laughed, the way she cried and talked. I hated her, but she was me, and I had to live with it. It was that or not live at all, two options that I had to decide everyday, two options that I struggled to choose between.

I sighed and turned away from my mirror, bending slightly to scoop the towel from my floor with a finger as I continued on towards the bathroom.

Valerian told me he would pick me up at 7pm which meant I had 10 minutes to get ready.

Quickly, I got into the shower, scrubbing down my body as the heat of the water calmed the crashing waves which pounded in my head and the steam of the shower caressed my skin.

It took me five minutes to finish scrubbing down my body. I placed myself out of the shower as the cold tiles neutralised the heat on my feet and wrapped my towel tightly around my skin as I went to the mirror above my sink to put some effort into my appearance.

After wiping my face with my towel I picked up my toothbrush and smeared on the blue substance as I scrubbed it against my teeth before swilling my mouth with water and spitting it out.

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