Chapter seventeen

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The car ride home was filled with irritating silence.

Both of us focusing on everything else but each other. Him focusing on the driving off his car and I focusing on the blurring of lights that blended together as the speed of the car merged our surroundings. It didn't take us long to reach my house and I got out of his car with a groan.

As his car came to a stop, rumbling sounded through it but I continued walking up to my front door until I heard him curse loudly.

He cleared his throat. I turned around.

He was stood up beside his car, both of his hands placed before him as he looked up to me through his lashes.

"It's broken down," He told me, pushing himself back up so he was standing straight.

"And what do you want me to do about that?" I questioned, narrowing my eyes slightly.

If he thought he was going to use my car-

"Ria!" I heard an exited, young voice exclaim from behind me.

Before I had even registered that the small voice had come from Elliot, I was stumbling forward due to the force of which Elliot had made as he wrapped his hands around me.

He should of been sleeping at this time of hour. "El, can't you just hug me like a normal person?" I questioned slowly, looking down at him, a big goofy smile was plastered on his glowing face.

His eyes unfocused from me and to Azael, still on my fucking driveway.

My little brothers eyes widened in surprise "Azzie!" Elliot called.

Azzie, What the fuck?

I watched as a smile ever so slightly pulled at the corners of his lips, gone before I could truly process it.

Elliot, thankfully, unlatched himself from me but then proceeded to run to his next victim, to Azael.

"Are you staying for a sleepover?" Elliot giggled, repeating what he did to me and hugging tightly to Azael's leg.

I think the fuck not.

"There's loads of space in my room!"

I walked back down my driveway once more, "No, sorry El," I ruffled his dark hair— the shade identical to my own, "Azael's, got to drive home," I lied. I knew his car wasn't working but he couldn't walk home as a last result.

I reached Azael's car. "My car wont start," Azael repeated, irritatedly.

As you have already stated.

My brows furrowed and I signed in fustration, the fustration growing even more so as the wind attacked my face, weaving my dark hair around my features.

"It was working ten minutes ago,"

"Sleepover!" Elliot cheered, spinning around in a circle like a fucking lunatic.

I loved my brother, but, sometimes he made me feel as if I wanted to commit a murder, more specifically, his.

I placed my hand firmly on his head to keep him from spinning.

"No," Azael and I both said flatly.

"I have told you around 3 times to stop doing that," I grumbled.

Elliot looked at me, pulled the corners of his mouth down and angled his eyebrows upward. giving me puppy dog eyes. His Captain America Panama's and his perfect braid that wrapped around his head—curtesy of me—only adding to his aggravating cuteness.

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