Chapter thirty

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Azael's POV.

Nuria hadn't turned up for school that day, had said she was going out with her father.

When had her father come back home in the first place? Had she told me? Had I forgotten? Fuck knows.

It was good, really, we needed space considering what had happened that night and the morning after. She was my first in months and now she had given me nothing but thoughts of sex 24/7 that was driving me insane.

Every time I looked at her, every time she opened her mouth I was thrown back into that memory and I. Couldn't. Stop.

It was driving me crazy, I had never had so many erections in my life and I needed to fucking sort myself out.

It wasn't Nuria, though, it was just the sex that I hadn't had in months. If Nuria left my life, I would be thankful for it.

I didn't care about Nuria. I was just spitting out those words carelessly for no reason. I didn't care about Nuria, she needed to know that. I don't care about her.

No, I wouldn't tell her, she would know that I didn't mean it considering we had made our feelings towards each other very clear from the start. She didn't care about me, either.

I didn't care about her, but her arms-

I tore myself from my brain. I don't care about her.

I was currently sat in math, Maeko beside me, whispering some shit about how it didn't make sense what our teacher was explaining and how he was 'about to scream in a second'.

I didn't listen to him, especially when Mia brown walked in late, ignoring the teachers threats of detention and dropped down onto the seat right next to mine.

There was only twenty minutes left of the lesson so I had no fucking clue why she was turning up now or why she was sat on the fucking seat next to me.

She tossed her hair over a shoulder once the teacher stopped interrogating her with questions, asking why she was late.

She cleared her throat and stared at the board as if she was listening and watching, her eyes remained staring forward as she leaned closer to me, and I was five seconds away from leaving. I wasn't in the fucking mood for her shit, I had been feeling on edge all day and any snarky remarks from her was going to tip me way past my tipping point.

"Mine tonight?" She whispered.


"My house, after school. Help me do my homework." A smug smile pulled at her lips as she leaned away from me without me giving her an answer.

Why the fuck would I do that?

She had been after me for a year and she expected me to just show up with some shitty excuse that I would help her with her 'homework'?

Maeko leaned over me, "If he won't I will," He grinned at her. She rolled her eyes. I was 5 seconds from walking out the door.

"Go ahead," I told him. No fucking chance I would go tonight.


"Shh." She shushed Maeko, glaring at him before she looked down and scribbled down on a piece of paper a sequence of numbers before slipping it to me.

"My number,"

"I don't want your fucking number,"

"I want you're number thou-"

"Maeko, shut the fuck up," I slouched further in my seat.

But what if I did go? Everyday since I fucked Nuria I was driven by lust by everything she did, so why should I turn down Mia?

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