Chapter twenty-six

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I pushed him off me.

And I could of sworn hurt flashed in his darkened eyes but I ignored it and began walking to the door.

I stuck my index finger out, pointing at him, "You, stay there,"

His brows furrowed but he didn't question it when I exited the room, I quickly crossed the space between our room to the bathroom, and then I was rummaging through the draws.

Fuck yes. My hand curled around a toothbrush, still encased in plastic and cardboard, I found an opened toothpaste box lying beside it.

Rich people and making sure they had enough.

I was sure as fuck I wasn't going to kiss Azael after puking out what felt like all of my internal organs, so I slapped some toothpaste onto the toothbrush, let the tap pour some water over it, and thoroughly brushed my teeth and tongue.

I was done within a couple of minutes and I walked back into the room.

Azael was lounging on an armchair peering up at me when I walked in, clearly waiting for me.

I walked over to him, and when I was hovering above him, his hand fisted my tops material just below my neck and he pulled me down, until skin met skin and his lips were once again merged with mine.

He pulled me further down until I was forced the straddle his lap.

It was a big fucking arm chair.

His hand let go of the material but I felt every place his finger touched as it trailed from just below my collarbone, to my neck, until his hand was wrapped around it.

His cold, silver rings cooled the inferno of which was my skin as our mouths explored each other's.

It was just a casual hookup, I repeated to my self. I repeated it again, and again, to the point where I was confused as to why I kept having to reassure myself. I repeated it again, even when his free hand trailed my waist and the curve of my hip and it felt as if fire laced his trail.

His hand reached the hem of my- his shirt, and he pulled it from my body, I barely felt it as it slid over my head because my lust was too overwhelming, we broke the kiss briefly but once my top was of his lips were on mine again.

I hadn't had sex in... God, six months? And it was at a party and lasted about three minutes until he had his orgasm, while I was stood there in the bathroom cubicle, barely satisfied.

I shook the thought of the worst sex I'd had from my head.

My bare skin was on Azael's bare skin and the contact made him groan, which in turn made me ache even more. I moaned, seeing what my sound would do to him, I found what I was looking for when I felt the straining of his pants.

He slept in his black sweat pants and I quickly began pulling them down, he lifted his hips for me, gladly helping take down one of the three pieces of clothing separating where we were both were most likely aching the most.

My fists grazed his deep v-lines as I tugged them down and my breathing hitched in anticipation.

We were both a mess, a lustful, inpatient mess.

He stood up, firmly griping my ass as he lifted me up with him and carried us to the bed.

He changed position a little and held me effortlessly with one hand as his other hand grazed up my spine until it met the clasp at my bra, he unhooked it and I felt as the pressure of the straps decreased.

"Shit." He halted mid way through carrying me, "You on birth control?"


He tipped his head back and sighed, "Okay, I'm sure Devon has condoms somewh-"

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