Chapter ten

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"Nuria!" Lyssa beamed as she ran up to me.

I had barely made it out of my car and closed the door before her body crashed into mine in a tight embrace.

"I know you said you were sick," She said, as she pulled away from me slightly to scan my face, "but you didn't seem ill, do you want to talk about it?"

I shook my head, I surprisingly felt clear minded that morning, normally when I had those 'dreams' it took me a few days to a week to get over.

"I'm fine now, I promise," I reassured her as we began walking to the building.

The familiar chatter of voices in the hallway soon made its way to my ears as we entered.

"Hey, Nuria, you good?" I heard a familiar voice call, as I leaned against the locker next to Lyssa's.

I looked over my shoulder to see Devon and Maeko walking towards us.

"Yep." I replied to Devon.

My bestfriend walked over to him as she put her hands on his cheek and pulled him into a kiss.

I guess they were official now.

Maekos eyes widened slightly as we exchanged glances and he snaked his arm around my shoulders.

I grimaced at the touch but didn't shake him off like I normally would of done.

"So your official now?" Maeko questioned, voicing my words that I had thought seconds ago and wiggling his eyebrows with a stupid grin plastered on his face.

"Yes, we are," Lyssa smiled, looking at both of us.

I was happy she was happy, but if Devon made her feel the opposite we were going to have a very big problem.

Devon wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her in closer as the bell rang.

I groaned as I picked up Maekos hand and unwrapped it from my shoulder.

"We'll see you later!" Maeko called from behind me as I strode to class.

"Mhm," was all I replied.


"Okay class, homework, in. Now."

Shit. I couldn't remember if I had done the homework my biology teacher set.

The class swarmed to the front of the room, placing the dainty pieces of paper in a neat pile.

The teacher scanned each and every student until his eyes landed upon me.

I sighed, here we go.

"Nuria, and where will your homework be?"

Now that was the million dollar question.

"Oh well, you see... it's in my locker?"

"I can't tell if that was a statement or a question?"

I couldn't tell, either.

"It's in my locker," hopefully.

He raised his arm and gestured for me to leave and go and get it, I exhaled deeply before turning in my stool to get up and leave.

I heard the scraping of a chair on the shitty vinyl floor as I exited the room.


The corridors were near silent as I approached the lockers, except for the faint sounds of footsteps behind me.

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