Chapter twenty-two

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With wide eyes and anger that I kept forcing to spiral down and down until I wasn't scared it was going to rush out any more, I stared at the man before me.

With his lean body and dark hair—which was also gifted to my brother and I—He stared back at me, at the daughter who had probably grown a few inches taller since the last time he'd even bothered to come home and see me, and to the son who always seemed to ask about him, even when I had told him repeatedly that Fabian comes home, when Fabian wants too, he doesn't care who wants him here and when he comes back.

My mouth opened to voice what are you doing here? But the question was shoved down my throat when he hugged me, his right hand swinging out to grab Elliot and hug him, too.

It was warm and familiar, but the sweet gesture made me taste bitter lemon on my tongue.

Why did he feel like he could just come back like that, no warning, not even a simple fucking text message.

I pushed him back with my hand as the question resurfaced again, "What are you doing here?" I bit out, "Dad."

He waltzed past me, his hand making its way to my hair as he fucking ruffled it, "Can I not come home and see my darling children?" Could you not of come home to see your 'darling children' these past two years? He turned back slightly and smiled at me. Slight wrinkles lined his smile but he pretty much didn't look a day past 30. I hoped I would be like that, the only thing I wanted from his genetics—if I even made it that long.

I walked back into the house trailing after him as my mouth opened and closed, wanting to voice something that I would probably be sent to hell for. "Evening, Vesela." He grinned at my Mother, who was now sprawled on the couch. Her red dressing gown spread out around her, as well as her golden hair. Her face turned sour, the complete opposite of the joy that normally sparked her face upon seeing him, "How was your trip, Fabian?"

The last I had heard, my father was in the Bahamas, didn't even know what his job truly was, some shit to do with financing.

He was in fact, a few shades darker, another trait I inherited. Tanning like a mother fucking god.

"Great." He grinned at her while she grinned back. Something was happening, something was going on between the two of them because the tension in the air was so thick I felt like I was choking on it.

"What's going on between you two?" The question burned between them, but, as I had expected, they didn't bother to answer.

Fuck that.

I took Elliots hand who was standing closer to my dad, he looked unsure whether to hug him or not, Fabian was his dad, but his dad was a stranger.

I unintentionally, dragged him to the door. Which, by the way, was still wide open.

"Where are you going, Nuria?"


We got a few steps before his deep voice replied "Okay, wait," My brows dropped and I turned as I watched him slip something from his black jean pocket. His wallet. He handed me and Elliot $30.

I took it and left.


"Nuria, I want to say something I feel like I shouldn't..."

Lyssa had walked to my house when I told her that my long lost father had finally returned. I told her it was pointless considering her house was literally on the same route to school and that she was basically going backwards. She came anyways.

"Then don't say it,"

"But I feel like it should be said."

I turned the radio down. My favourite music cut short because the bastard beside me was about to say something unnecessary.

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