Chapter thirty-three

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"Why are you walking like that?" Lyssa questioned me as we walked towards our next class.

Her face was worrisome, her furrowed brows piercing me as she watched me try to keep up beside her.

Although it was difficult trying to mirror her pace, considering I was limping and in insufferable pain as behind my extremely loose grey sweatpants lay a 4 inch or so cut that was most likely infected and most likely splitting in two as the stitches undid by the second.

I shook my head in an attempt to shake off her concern. "Oh, I sprained my ankle yesterday." Although I was sure with every step I took my face looked like I was walking on a newly chopped off leg -even though it felt like it-.

Her eyes held a glint of suspicion, she didn't believe me, but she'd been my bestfriend since I'd arrived here and new that if I didn't want to tell the truth then I wouldn't, she knew not to push it.

"Okay, well," She swallowed, "Would you like me to hold your bag? It seems like you've got bricks in it-"

"No, no," I batted away her hand, "It's fine, I'm fine." I breathed.

My bag contained the usual, 5 books for the 5 different lessons of the day, my lunch, water bottle, pencil case...

Bandages, sewing needle and thread, a small hand towel if needed to dry off blood, small container of alcohol.

The usual.

She nodded suspiciously before her eyes jerked from mine and landed on someone's next to me.

I flickered my eyes to what she was looking at. It was Azael of course, Maeko next to him laughing at something that must of been exchanged.

"Nuria?" Maeko asked.

I groaned, "What,"

"You look like shit," His face crumpled. "Not in a mean way or anything, but you do."

Was it that obvious that something was wrong? Fuck.

"How so?" I questioned, trying to weaken my limp but falling miserably and having to gulp down a hiss of pain that was threatening to escape.

Azael's eyes skimmed me before latching to my right leg, his eyes flew back to mine, "You look pale as fuck and why, are you limping?" He questioned, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"I sprained my ankle."

"Mhm." He responded. I clenched my jaw in annoyance turning my head back to face forward.

Spraining my ankle was a believable and common thing, I didn't understand why both him and Alyssa seemed to not believe me. Maeko fell for it of course, but he fell for anything so it didn't really count.

"Okay, well I hope your ankle feels better, annyeong." Maeko spoke, before turning and disappearing into a classroom.


I tapped my pencil on the desk of my classroom, the hollow sound beating in time with my heart as it pounded with panic.

My stitches might have teared, which meant more chance if it bleeding through or getting infected.

If it got infected then I'd be in debt to my dad for paying a hefty bill. Of course he wasn't the type of man to make me pay back the money, but I hated when money was paid for me, especially considering my family and I's relationship had been rocky recently and I pettily didn't want to give them a reason to call themselves good parents by giving me medical help.

My hand shot up before I registered what I was doing, if I didn't leave then I would likely bleed through my sweatpants or throw up on my desk.

"Yes Nuria?" The teacher questioned, pausing from the power point he was flicking through.

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